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From A DMN Blog:

The Cowboys-Seahawks exhibition game pulled a ridiculously high 14.2 rating on Saturday night. How ridiculous is it? That's better than Game 2 of the Mavericks-Suns playoff series, which pulled a 13.7. Heck, the 6-game Mavericks-Suns series averaged a 16.4.


Anonymous said...

Are you ready for some football?

Anonymous said...

Let'em start losing a little, then they'll fall off the bandwagon in droves.

mzchief said...

Oh My!
Football was on television Saturday and I missed it! Looks like this football season is beginning and will more than likely end the same way as all the others and I will NOT see a single game on television.

greta said...

I am curious if the ratings are close to that every year at this time. I think people watch heavy in the beginning of the season to see if this is the year of the Cowboy.