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I finally got through with The Godfather, Part II. Sorry, folks, ovvvvveeerrrated. Now I'm the process of watching The Deer Hunter - I had only caught a few scenes of it before. The first 70 minutes are excruciatingly boring crap. Then I was fast-forwarded to the Russian Roulette scene which may be the most intense ever. And I couldn't believe it was Christopher Walken and Robert DeNiro that were involved. That part was shocking and great. ( has the clip of that scene but it's R Rated - so kids, go get your parents permission.)

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June FN Cleaver said...

OMG! That is so not overrated. That movie shows the end of old world mafia. Michael's father refused to join other dons in the drug trade, always sided with family, and ironically, had an interest in justice (Part I...the mortician's daughter). GF II shows the demise of the "old world" values. Michael joins other dons in the drug trade, the focus on family definately shifts when he figuratively and literally slams the door on his wife when she wants to know if he has killed Connie's husband. And he eventually he has his own brother killed. The last shot of him shows how the modern life of a mafioso has left but all family which is what old world mafia professed to protect.

Don't get me wrong. They are criminals but I'm analyzing it from their perspective.