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Anonymous said...

I voted "wave of the future" because it seems like churchs are getting "watered down." People don't like the way things are going so they take their Bibles and go start a new church.

OR - they don't want the "stigma" of being connected to a Church of Christ, Bapist church etc. so they just change the name.

That said - there are some really good "Fellowship Churches" - several here in Wise County - but there are many others started by disgruntled church members that are as wacked out as the people who started them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 12:07. Some think these new "fellowship" churches are trying too hard to be all things to and for all people.

Is that any different from the world?

Some of these folks will tire of this and drift back to the mainline churches.

Some have already come back home.

Anonymous said...

Wow-this is not like you people(not to have an opinion)

Anonymous said...

I believe if you study Scripture, you will find that even Jesus used many different styles and methods to reach the lost. FYI- much of what Jesus had to say pertained to legalism and hypocracy, like why do you worry about the speck in your brothers eye, when you have a plank in yours.

christian said...

Whorship by his authority, CHRIST"S. The way the bible, God's word has commanded.

Anonymous said...

2:54-would you please explaine what you just said. Could you be talking about the King James Bible and the sacred hymns stuff. There are some who worship and are inspired by these, others like myself can't absorb KJV, I need something like NIV and praise music. Anyway, what difference does it make as long we all praise Jesus and follow His perfect example of how to live and treat others