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Hollow Victory

Story from the Dallas Morning News. Hey, the Plaintiffs weren't after Goodrich (he's been broke for a long time), they were after the Silver City Cabaret for allegedly serving him drinks causing him to become intoxicated. They just forgot one aspect of their case: Proof. Every one "guesses", "surmises", and "speculates" that Goodrich was drunk, but there is no evidence of that. A lot of lawyers these days seem to have a hard time understanding that.


Anonymous said...

I hate relatives of dead people who go after these million dollar settlements. Why should they profit off the death of their loved ones?

I also hate the ambulance/hearse chasing lawyers who encourage them.

Compensated yes - Get rich no

The guy was punished by the court isn’t that enough?

Anonymous said...

I think Goodrich should sue the City of Liverpool, England. It was there that the slave trade was managed. If not for that, then 500 years ago his ancestors would not have been sold into slavery by others among his people, and he would not have been here and in a position to look at titties in Dallas. It's the King of England who is to blame.

Anonymous said...

No, It was the warlords in Africa that sold their own people to the King of England. There is where the blame lies.