Now I Have No Reason To Put Up With Terry Bradshaw

Horrible news: The very perky Jillian Barberie, who served as the weather girl for Fox's NFL Pregame Show, won't be back this year.


Anonymous said...

I would knock a hole in the bottom of that.

greta said...

Ahhhhhh Barry, you must be crushed.

Blue said...

Don't be discouraged. You can still keep up with what she's doing at my Jillian site.


or you can talk about her at my message board.


both are free to join.


Anonymous said...

She reminds me of what we used to refer to as "Camp Meat" ... Some tramp that you could pass around ... She is cute but a little skanky for me. She would fit in best at a double wide community and beer drinking Red Necks. Wait .. thats Wise County

No Longer Anonymous 33 said...

She was annoying...

Anonymous said...

I never knew how she got hired by FOX, way too edgy for them.

The quitessential LA woman, all the right frosting and more baggage than you can imagine but there is a lot more in that package than is seen. I will miss her and low rise jeans of course.
You gotta love anyone from the South Bay.