Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Need a little help: There was a drama-type show on Saturday morning (not a cartoon) in the 1970s that depicted a family, a boat, and perhaps Hawaii. (I think it came on after Land of the Lost). I have no idea what the name of it was but for some reason it's bugging me. I remember they wore the same clothing in every show. Edit: Ok, the older daughter wore a halter top. (For research purposes only.)
  • Edit: The readers come through!!!! It was "Westwind" -- which ran one year and had 13 episodes. (The dad in the show had played the Green Hornet in a prior TV series.)
  • The Rangers raising the height of the railing in response to the guy that died recently is silly. God bless the guy, but he was 100% at fault in that incident.
  • I jogged the other morning before sunrise and came across another jogger who ran behind me for about a mile with a flashlight attached to him. That was creepy -- the light bouncing off the ground in front of me. I felt like I was about to be a victim in a slasher movie.
  • The A/C repair guy left the coolest and greatest flashlight in the attic. Do I have an obligation to call the company?
  • Someone commented yesterday that they thought it was odd that I was disturbed by the deaths of those in their 40s. Hey, send me your long list of accomplishments because apparently life has nothing left to offer you once you hit 50. 
  • Yeah, that sounded a little grumpy of me. 
  • Mrs. LL planted a tree last night. I offered to help but you would have thought I was interrupting De Vinci while creating a work of art. 
  • The Rangers collective ERA over this 12 game winning streak is 1.91. (Or so the radio told me this morning when I was half asleep.) It's all about pitching. 
  • A guy committed suicide over the weekend who is now believed to have run a Madoff-like Ponzi scheme that sucked in a bunch of coaches (including Baylor's basketball coach). But the craziest one is new Texas Tech basketball coach Billy Gillispie who lost $2.3 million -- the exact amount of his settlement with Kentucky after they fired him.
  • Rupert Murdock is a modern day snake oil salesman, but I hated to see someone try to give him the pie-in-the-face treatment yesterday while testifying in England. (But I hope Mrs. LL would slap any would be attacker like his young wife did.) 
  • The Messenger has a story today about how a Bridgeport running back might miss the season after a blood clot scare last week. I don't know why it stuck out, but one of the sentences contained a quote from him along with the phrase that he was speaking "while his parents were in the room." I guess that was just a disclaimer of "Hey, we are reporting on a minor's medical condition but we want you to know his parents say it is OK." 
  • Speaking of, the Messenger's "Best Of Wise" edition is out today (or whatever they call it now.) If they don't have a Best Blog category (they used to) and if I don't win it again (check out my mantle) , I'll never steal material from them again.