Liberally Lean Adopt-A-Rider: Laurens Ten Dam

I really haven't watched much of the Tour De France but, when I have, I've seen more bodies fly around than at UFC fight. It's Crash City this year.

Which brings me to: This weekend I learned of the guy in the video who continued to race despite not being able to win any Male Afternoon Pick Me Up Awards after the crash. (Pic.) Maybe a Pic-Me-Ugh Award instead.  But I've got a question: On Sunday, I'm sure I saw a medical car pull up next to him while he was pedaling away, and I'm sure I saw him grab the car and just get towed along as he talked to the medical team inside. It only lasted less than a minute, but is that legal?  I'd hate to see the first ever Liberally Lean Adopted Rider get disqualified.