Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • What's up with these monster billboards in Wise County with lawyers' faces plastered on them? Looks like I'm going to have to raise the bar: Get ready for the Speedo Barry Billboard.
  • Lingering motorcycle death in Haltom City (as well as a summary of the two deaths from yesterday.)
  • Motorcycle death in Keller last night.
  • Nolan Ryan was hospitalized for chest pains, is said to be fine, but will be released later in the week. A few days in the hospital when you're fine?
  • The (a?) Decatur livestock auction house has been on the news the last couple of days as ranchers unload their cattle due to the drought.
  • Three obituaries for forty-something year olds in the Update today. Creeps me out. 
  • The Wichita County DA's office is weird: It had a grand jury "no bill" (decline to indict) 34 cases in a single day and then releases the names of those not charged to the media. Why not just kill the cases up front, don't waste the grand jury's time on the crappy cases, and not embarrass those who don't deserve to be charged? 
  • The Space Shuttle will make its final landing in two days. Certainly NASA wants to make this a media event so how about a prime time landing? Nope. It'll be 4:57 a.m. Texas time. Nice planning. 
  • There's a guy in town who will speak to me for an incredibly short period of time but he always leaves me confused by the conversation. I think I figured it out yesterday as he walked away: He thinks I'm my law partner. 
  • Sounds like the NFL Lockout is coming to an end. I'm really, really surprised about that. Fantasy Football Players are more happy than the generic NFL fan. 
  • "Don't spend your money on possessions. Spend it on experiences." - The boys on The Ticket after getting back from their vacations. I've thought about that. A lot. And I don't know if I agree with that. Random justification: I'd rather have a nice wireless printer/scanner than a meal at Del Frisco's.
  • Mrs. LL started yelling at a lady on TV last night who was complaining about having to spend a couple of hundred bucks for her kid to ride the bus in Keller ISD. (I think something about not being able to afford it while at the same time seeing her son who look liked he was playing $elect Ba$eball.) I finally had to say, "Hey, babe. I'm not on her side."
  • CNN broadcast a video of 16 people being executed by the Taliban yesterday, and I can't believe they showed it. Yeah, it's news. Yeah, it shows how "evil" the Taliban is. But, man, TV is turning into the Internet.
  • Kate Upton slow motion catwalk video
  • Any of you ever driven down Padre Island from Corpus Christi. It's some sixty miles or so. Safe? Edit: I mean drive along the beach.
  • Superstar pitcher Roy Halladay had to be taken out of the game last night after four innings once the heat got to him. It was 91 degrees (!!!) when the game began.
  • Yeah, this heat wave doesn't "prove" global warming but it sure does shut up the Al Gore haters. If you're goofy enough to make fun of him after a single cold day in May, that same astute scientific analysis will shut you up after a string of sixteen or so 100 degree temperature days.