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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Talked to a person yesterday who had consulted with a Fort Worth lawyer about representation in a felony DWI case and was quoted a fee of $25,000. That is more of a crime than felony DWI. 
  • I heard that Fox 4 reporter Krystal Guitterez had the most unfortunate blooper this morning while reporting from Hunt County. I'm working on that. 
  • For some reason, Thriller fired up in the middle of the night in the house.
  • "Family Angered By Hit and Run Defense".  I don't know if it is true, but the "I don't remember anything" isn't a bad defense in that case. 
  • Mrs. LL goes to the grocery store last night and came back with a University of Texas candy bar. Can this marriage be saved? (That question was always on the cover of my mom's old Redbook magazines. At least I think it was Redbook.)
  • Want a Texas Theater Oswald T-Shirt?
  • Baylor has new uniforms (and will continue to use two different colored helmets which is incredibly unstable. No credible program would ever do that.) Edit: Yep, I forgot about Oregon. But since the football team is basically owned by Nike, they don't count. 
  • We had a prostitution arrest in Wise County last night but the warrant had been issued out of Tarrant County. (Booking #71883) That ain't exactly Pretty Woman.
  • C.J. Wilson gave up two hits and no earned runs and the Rangers still lost yesterday afternoon. I guess sometimes it's not about pitching (at least until you consider the other guy was equally good.)  And Wilson is going to make a fortune as free agent this winter -- and it won't be from the Rangers.
  • Edit for the perpetually confused: When I say "It's all about pitching" I mean "the only way you can be an elite team is through pitching".
  • The City of Dallas shutdown a "fake church" which they said was actually a dance club that stayed open until 7:00 in the morning.  The Dallas Observer had a slideshow of the place a few weeks back. I don't think that's First Baptist. 
  • An Alvord 27 year old is listed in today's obituaries. Any word on that one? I noted that the Sheriff's Office did have a report of an "unattended death" in Alvord yesterday.
  • I watched the second episode of CMT's "Texas Women" (the "reality" show about four chicks in Fort Worth) last night and two of the gals went to the Bridgeport Rodeo!  I would post some screenshots but they showed basically nothing of the crowd or the facility. 
  • Whenever I see two women "power walking" (or whatever you call it), they are always yacking up a storm. 
  • The "Skippy" guy really wanted me to explain Separation of Church and State. Sure, the 1st Amendment is pretty simple. Government can't establish a religion. Government can't interfere with our free exercise of religion. Sounds like a wall separating the two to me.