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I Don't Want To Bag On The Messenger, But I'm Going To Bag On The Messenger

They need to get their social media scene together. Case in point: I've been seeing a ton of Decatur kids running in the early morning hours over the last two weeks so I was curious as to what was going on. So I see a tweet this morning from the Messenger come across my Twitter feed.

Maybe Joe Duty has some cool pics. Maybe it's a story on how early those kids get up to run even though school isn't even in session. I'm just interested enough to click on the link, do so, and it takes me to .....
Ok. That's a little confusing. It's the Messenger's website with the text of the tweet reprinted with yet another link. A little frustrating but I'm already there so I clicked on the link and got ........
It's a post from the Messenger's Facebook page telling me to see the preview in this weekend's paper. *sigh*