Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • WFAA was all over "breaking news" yesterday morning about a former Dallas Cowboy who was arrested in downtown Dallas on minor intoxication charges. It turned out to be Stephen Hodge. Who? Hodge was on the team from 2009 to 2010 but was never on the active roster and never played a down. Doesn't take much to make news these days.
  • Strange sight: The DART bus that crashed into a building over the weekend. I mean the whole bus was in the building.
  • I'm a Ron Paul fan.
  • I went to the Water Gardens in Fort Worth on Friday night (an often forgotten gem) and Mrs. LL just had to get in. But the humidity caused by all of that water was off the charts.
  • Ate at Dos Chiles in Bridgeport on Sunday. You know, that's a pretty impressive building, and the food was really good. The service, however, was lacking which might of had something to do with the party of 30 sitting nearby (including eight kids who kept banging into our chairs like it was McDonald's Playland.)
  • For the Liberally Lean female fans who have been ignored too long: Up and coming NBA star Blake Griffin at the beach.
  • JLo is getting divorced after eight years. It lasted longer than I thought it would. Remember when she was engaged to Ben Affleck? The man dodged a bullet. 
  • Did you see that Rick Perry said he felt "called" to run for President.. He teases us more than Donald Trump, but this guy is actually going to run. And he'll get crushed.
  • Visited the Bible Baptist Church in Bridgeport on Sunday to see a baptism. Afterwards a man came up to me and introduced himself. "I thought that was you! I don't know you but I read that blog."  I told him he might want to keep it down. 
  • No hurricanes this year?
  • Motorcycle death in Arlington last night.
  • Edit: Another motorcycle death near Springtown after running from trooper. (No link yet.)
  • I wouldn't surprise me if all of those small earthquakes around Texas (there was another one on Sunday) are due to fracking.
  • Yesterday was thirty year anniversary of an event I hardly remember: The collapse of a skywalk at a Kansas City Hilton which killed 114 people.
  • I've to to give Breaking Bad a chance. People were buzzing about last night's premiere.