Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Thirty-seven percent of spouses admit to digitally spying on their spouse. I wouldn't think 37% would know how to digitally spy.
  • Pretty manly night at the house last night: When I went to bed, there was hair highlighting going on while Phantom of the Opera was on TV.
  • Mapsco can't possibly still be in business, can it?
  • A screenshot of a Liberally Lean post made Fox 4 last night in a story about the poor-spelling-lawyer-in-the-appellate-brief. (It was voiced over by how that news was all over the "blogosphere.") Unfortunately, my masthead didn't make it. Lari Barager has turned on me once again. 
  • There sure are a lot of rumblings that Oklahoma and the Aggies are really upset ever since UT signed a deal with ESPN to create the Longhorn Network.  I'm not sure the Big 12 will still be in existence in three years.
  • Me to Mrs. LL  last night as she walked by: "Love me?" Mrs. LL: "Usually."  Wait. What? (It was followed by a laugh. Funny. I think.)
  • Sean Hannity sure is mad at Republicans for slowly backing down on the Debt Ceiling Crisis. But I'll give him credit for calling them on the carpet when he gets them on his program. 
  • Hal Jay and WBAP staff were laughing about a report in San Francisco of an electronic construction warning sign being hacked to warn of zombies. They wondered if such a thing would ever happen here. Note: The same thing happened in Austin two years ago.
  • The Rangers scored eight runs last night but had their 12 game winning streak come to an end. Have I told you how it is all about pitching?
  • Three college students were swept over a waterfall at Yosemite after climbing over a rail. When Googling the name of the waterfall, I came across this unrelated image of three guys standing in front of the same rail with the waterfall in the background. 
  • As of 4:57 a.m. this morning, the money pit of the Space Shuttle program is finally over. 
  • Baylor says that daily Bible reading makes you more liberal (or at least more interested in "social justice.") Kidding aside, that makes perfect sense.
  • American Airlines has lost $4 billion since 2007 so it just ordered 460 new planes at an estimated cost of $36 billion. That doesn't make perfect sense.
  • The BagOfNothing guy posted a clip of Bono and The Edge signing while sitting next to David Letterman. I finally watched it but became irritated when the audience-clap-along started which I hate even more that The Wave. However, I think Bono hated it too because he got The Edge to change the beat until it stopped. (2:35 mark.)