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They Might Need Some Water


Double Fake Pro Choicer said...

Don't a lot of druggies/thieves/low lifes have a fish sign or a bumper sticker promoting their belief in Gawd on their vehicle, supposedly to keep the po-lice from stopping them during their ne'er-do-welling? Methinks this might be the same.

Anonymous said...

Son Of A Bi**h...I'm the beat reporter out there, I got scooped..back to you Jane

el chupacabra said...

Let's hope their bleached bones are not found by the roadside in the morning for being foolish enough to walk in this eleventy billion degree heat.

Irony can be a cruel mistress.

Anonymous said...

"They might need water'

Isn't that the name of a band?

Anonymous said...

A million comics out of work and you guys are cracking jokes......sheesh!!

Anonymous said...

No, it's They Might Be Midgets.

Triple Fake... said...

They Might Need Some Water

They just walked across an entire lake! (stealing my bit in the process)

Triple Fake Boss of the Apostles

1:26 -
I think you are thinking of (take your pick):
They Might Be Giants
Ethel Waters
Billy Ocean
Little River Band
Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Anonymous said...

I saw them walking down 380 also. I laughed and thought it was a bit of an oxymoron: wearing a shirt that says they are for life, yet walking along 380 it is highly likely they could be killed!!