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This Poor Girl Is Going To Get Pummeled. Maybe Unfairly. But She's Got A Bull's Eye On Her

John Quincy Adams was nine years old in 1776.  (From Good Morning America today.) I don't think in any stretch of the imagination he can be called a "Founding Father."

And from yesterday:

Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has a thing for John Wayne. In an interview yesterday with Newsmax, she said she wants to live in “John Wayne’s America.” And in the Iowa town of Waterloo today, where she announced her presidential candidacy, Bachmann told Fox News, “John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That’s the kind of spirit that I have, too.” But unfortunately . . . the John Wayne born in Waterloo is John Wayne Gacy, the notorious serial killer who murdered 33 teenage boys and young men, not the iconic Western actor. Watch it.

Edit: Oh, yeah. I forgot that Tom Petty told her to quit using "American Girl" as part of her campaign. (Which, by the way, was the song the gal was singing right before she got kidnapped by Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs.)


Anonymous said...

....and there are 57 states

....and on Memorial Day Obammy looked at all the soldiers in the audience that were being commemorated

....and the peace corpse

....and the Austrian language

...and signed the guest register May 24, 2008 (in 2011)

....and the list goes on and on

Anonymous said...

How come Republician women are the only ones who are attacked by the news media? It never happened to Hillary Clinton. No one ever mentioned that while on the Walmart board of directors that Mrs. Clinton campaigned for the export of millions of American manufacturing jobs to China. One might say that she worked for increasing unemployment in America. The unions still love her.

Anonymous said...

Bachmann is exactyly correct in her statement concerning the founding fathers. The most heated debate in the Continental Congress concerned the issue of slavery and the issue almost caused an impasee in moving forward to adopt the Declaration of Independence. I doubt that you will see the liberal media idiots study enough to find that out, and if they did, they will never go back and apologize to Bachmann. Such is the disgusting media world in which we live. Due to John Quincy Adams youth in serving as well as his longevity of service, some do indeed consider him a founding father.

Anonymous said...

I am not nearly as worried about a politician and his or her movie stars. What I am concerned about is a supposed "commander in chief" not knowing what a corpsman is.

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of facts to confuse the arguement....

1776 was the Declaration of Independence, not the US Constitution. The US Constitution was ratified in 1787 which would have made young master Adams about 20 years old at the time. I would suggest a 20 year-old in those days could be considered a founding father. The older master Adams did not sign the Constitution because he was in Europe at the time of its signing. Thomas Jefferson's name is not on the Constitution either for the same reason. Conspiracy?

The part about the Constitution doing away with slavery...I'm distancing from Michele on that one. She's all on her own there.

And John Wayne's birth place? She only missed by 146 miles according to J-Dub was born in Winterset, IA, 146 miles SE of Waterloo, IA, where Michele was speaking. For a politico, I would say she was wrong, but damn close on that one.

No, I'm not a historian, but I did stay at the new Comfort Inn in Bport last night.

Double Fake Benny Franklin

Anonymous said...

One tends to think of a founding father as one who founded something rather than joined in later on. To be sure John Q Adams was a great one. As far as John Wayne America, many World War II Veterans thought and still think that John Wayne was another chicken hawk phony because he did not serve in the war but made lots of war hero movies. They think he is thought of as hero because he acted as one but lived life as another. John avoided service by claiming a married man with children exemption until the end of the War.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Waiting on wordkyle to defend her statements as accurate like he did for Palin. It will consume him until he wins his internet argument.

How come Republician women are the only ones who are attacked by the news media?

Right now they're the only ones running, genius.

It never happened to Hillary Clinton.

You're kidding, right? Hell, she was just married to a president and the wingnut venom gave rise to Rush Limbaugh's fame.


Anonymous said...

OK, I am NO fan of Ms. Bachman. I consider her to be as dumb and as big an example of the failure of the American education system as Sarah Palin. BUT ... she clearly identified John Quincy Adams as a "young boy at the time."

And yes, due to his foreign service with his father during the Revolution, he may fairly be considered a "Founding Father."

And he did work tirelessly in opposition to slavery.

But it can NOT be said that "The Founding Fathers" worked to abolish slavery. Slavery was a wedge issue which divided them; so they "worked tirelessly" to avoid the issue of slavery entirely, lest the Union fall apart before it could even be "founded."

Ms. Bachman is a classic example of a "loose cannon," just chock full of misconceptions about history, science, and reality. And she shows no willingness to accept education at this late date. She is dangerous.

Hillary Clinton has had her issues, but she cannot be accused of being dumb or ignorant, or for that matter unwilling to learn and change.

Ignorance and stubborness are a dangerous combination.

el chupacabra said...

She may be her own worst enemy and I'm no fan (I know nothing about her), but John Wayne Gacy was not born in Waterloo. He was born in Chicago.
John Waynes parents met and lived in Waterloo before his birth.
John Wayne Gacy lived there for a brief time.
You can bet John Wayne's aura has emanated over Waterloo for decades and everyone from there is proud to have lived even near his hometown and this may be so true there may be some assumption he was from there.
She didn't say John Wayne Gacy. Neither John Wayne Gacy nor John Wayne were from Waterloo so everybody is wrong on this issue including Bachmann, but especially the news people who've inferred she meant JWG.
I actually only know one thing about her: she is nothing if not a lightening rod- people believe what they want to believe about her and jump on any perceived gaffe.
It's no surprise the same folks who gave Obama/Biden passes during their campaign are the same ones who made a mountain out of this molehill.

Anonymous said...


I meant Winterset was SW of Waterloo. I need to invent bifocals.


Anonymous said...

I kind of dig Bachmann, but I'm more into dudes so I'm a little confused.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest a 20 year-old in those days could be considered a founding father.

Not everyone who was alive at that time was a founding father, ding dong. And he wasn't one.

Thomas Jefferson's name is not on the Constitution either for the same reason. Conspiracy?

You're as ignorant about the constitution as wordkyle, which is sad. You won't find a more vocal advocate of states' rights at the time than Thomas Jefferson. That is why he would not have signed a document creating a federal government.


Anonymous said...

Rage, Rush Limbaugh was famous long before Slick Willie became President. The main stream media practically had annointed Hitlary the Presidency until Obammy gave a great speech and did away with her chances. Be sure and save the stained blue dress.

Anonymous said...

And the weanie lib smears begin! Why don't we talk about the benefits of Obamacare, Obama's economical prowess,etc, etc, etc,

Anonymous said...

Yet it's OK for the entire media complex to refer to the Branch Davidian compound in "Waco" even though the compound was miles from Waco.

Anonymous said...

I am less worried by Bachmann's gaffes than I am at the fact she keeps taking the bait in interviews after the fact. She could have easily headed off all this nonsense by simply spewing platitudes and dodging the questions. Hey, it got Obama elected! Remeber that this is a popularity contest and only about 5-10% of the voters understand the issues anyway.

Note to Bachmann: Keep about 4-5 talking points in your head and always divert every question back to that. Explain how you are going to create jobs restore our greatness. Always avoid discussing the finer points of any subject, especially history. One final thing, fact check anything your advisors' give you, and fact check yourself if you plan on bringing up new material in your speeches.

Anonymous said...

Lorenzo Charles is dead and all you folks can yap about is some crazy ladies's geographical challengement?
I weep for the species.

Anonymous said...

i did not have sexual relations w/that woman , ms lewinsky.

Anonymous said...


1) Adams and Jefferson were out of town when the document was signed in 1787. This was before the days of e-signatures. See next paragraph:

"Several notable politicians of the time did not attend the convention, including Thomas Jefferson and John Adams (both of whom were overseas working as diplomats), as well as Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry (who considered the previous system of government acceptable)."

2) Thomas Jefferson's name is not on the Constitution either for the same reason. Conspiracy?

Apparently you skipped class the day sarcastic humor was discussed.

3) "Not everyone who was alive at that time was a founding father, ding dong. And he wasn't one."

John Quincy Adams was being discussed specifically. His father happened to be very involved with both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constituion. JQA was also the personal secretary to his father. That was the topic being discussed, not "everyone who was alive". Generalizing the comments of others seems to be one of your trademark rebuttal tactics. It's a good defense for those that cannot respond to direct points.

And finally...

You can't spell dufus without r-a-g-e.....wait a minute....I guess you can.

Anonymous said...

Congresswoman Bachmann is qualified to be president. President of the PTA. That is all I have to say about that.

Jarhead said...

Who cares about John Wayne and JQA?

I want to see Bachmann and Palin kiss.

Bow chicka wow wooowwww.

They can get married in New York, you know.

Anonymous said...

The only troops Obama has brought home since he took office have been in body bags. Thats the war ender we elected!

Anonymous said...

Bachmann is a helluva lot more qualified than the clown we have as POTUS right now.

Anonymous said...

Remember when the award bound for for James Earl Jones actually read "James Earl Ray"?


Tom Petty is a queer Douchebag. He's a nobody.

By the way....the chick that sang American Girl, and was eventually saved by Jody Foster, is hot now.

Anonymous said...

The same state that elected her elected Jesse Ventura. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Huh? you voted for OBAMA and your making fun of this lady?

oh dear~

Anonymous said...

Word to the up to Jarhead for today's most tasty comment. Oh man, can you imagine? A longggg, wet smooch.
I'll vote for that.

Anonymous said...

John Quincy Adams was being discussed specifically.

Right. And she called him a founding father. And he wasn't. Just because a person was alive at the time doesn't mean they were a founding father. Not even all of the signers of the Constitution are considered founding fathers like Jefferson, and Franklin.

His father happened to be very involved with both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constituion.

So? That makes his father a founding father. Not him.

JQA was also the personal secretary to his father.

So? Was John Hancock's secretary a founding father?

That was the topic being discussed, not "everyone who was alive".

Maybe you should go back and read slower. My point was that the only JQA could be considered a founding father was if everyone living in the colonies/confederacy* was considered one. Because he sure as hell isn't one otherwise.


For you ignorant asses like the guy I'm quoting above, this refers to the members of the Articles of Confederation, not the Confederate States of America.

Anonymous said...

WOW there is idiots on here making fun/nitpicking someone who is running for president but says nothing about the ignorant non excusable mistakes that joke of a POTUS has made that's in office now?

WOW WOW to the second degree WOW

I question the mentality of Americans daily. This blog is so full of ignorance it's unbelievable.

Anonymous said...


No, "left" is the correct answer. Minus 1 point.

"And she called him a founding father. And he wasn't."

Poor sentence structure, 10 point deduction. And another 5 points for starting 2 consecutive sentences(though flawed) with the word "And".

"Not even all of the signers of the Constitution are considered founding fathers like Jefferson, and Franklin."

What? Jefferson didn't sign, Franklin did sign, so what does this sentence mean? Another 10 point deduction for ambiguity.

"So? That makes his father a founding father. Not him."

The old man Adams didn't sign the Constitution either. Since I don't know what your working definition of "founding father" is, ah...screw it...another 5 point deduction just because.

"So? Was John Hancock's secretary a founding father?"

No, Hancock's secretary was not. But, Hancock's secretary was also not elected POTUS like JQA was. Google it.

"Maybe you should go back and read slower."

Maybe you should switch hands on Saturday night, it may loosen you up a little. Minus 5 points for insulting your elders.

Final score = 64

Mister Rage, here is a dime. Take it, call your mother, and tell her there is serious doubt about you ever becoming a lawyer.

See you next semester.

Double Fake Professor Charles W. Kingsfield Jr.

Anonymous said...

Obama once said the U.S. has 57 states, but I don't recall our "objective" media making a big fuss about that!

Anonymous said...

Arguing over the Internet is sort of like winning the Special Olympics- even if you win, you're still retarded.

Anonymous said...

5:15, I know you're trying to be funny, but rage has you schooled like he had wordkyle when wordkyle wouldn't shut up about Palin. You make absolutelyt no sense. Everyone in the room is dumber for having read it. The funniest part about your post is that you have no idea how stupid you sound.

Triple Fake Billy Madison

John Holmes' Ghost said...

I got a pringle's can for her, if you know what I mean...

Anonymous said...

Quote by someone on a blog that explains why her supporters are strong at backing her:

"Even if Bachman says Lincoln defeated Germany at Waterloo to win the Revolutionary War - her brain-dead Teabagging followers DON'T CARE. They're OK with Batshit being a total moron - they eat her lies with BIG spoons.
She's gaffe-proof, so there's no mistake she can make to slow her down."

Anonymous said...

Your mother is a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

the 24hr news people have to have something to talk about, thus we get a lather about non factual historical references, concern re what Obama's preacher said on a given Sunday whether Obama was there or not

Meanwhile, real problems exist. I want to know what specific spending Michelle will cut, the amount. Will she cut ag subsidies her family profits from> etc.