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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Does anyone rent those office out past center field at the Rangers' ballpark?
  • A DPS trooper is missing near Austin.
  • Hooters has told this waitress that she's too fat and needs to lose weight.
  • Another Republican congressman has been caught in an affair and will resign.
  • Wise County now has three assistant DAs and they got a raise this week to $95,000 a year.
  • Two Letters to the Editors in today's Messenger have a title that says, "Headline goes here."
  • Saw parts of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest last night --- had no idea that Christopher Lloyd ("Doc" from Back To The Future) was one of the crazy patients.
  • Irving rush hour was slowed this morning when a body was found on the 183 freeway. That's not exactly a Chamber of Commerce moment.
  • Odd moment last night when Rangers' reliever Neftali Feliz simply dropped the ball during his windup. I'm not sure I've seen that before. It was even funnier because it was with two outs and two strikes in the 9th, and the crowd was on its feet in anticipation.
  • I don't think the Republicans had a good night last night: A Tea Party candidate beat out a Republican in the Senate race in Kentucky, and the Democrats held onto the Pennsylvania Senate seat formerly held by John Murtha.
  • Edit @Wordkyle's comment: The Tea Party candidate did, in fact, run as a Republican. But considering he is Ron Paul's son, and considering the Republican establishment (including Dick Cheney) backed his opponent, that was a Tea Party win over a Republican in my book.
  • Edit @DannyBoy's comment: You might want to check your facts regarding the Pennsylvania primary before going on a rant.
  • I think DPS troopers sitting on the back side of the northbound 287 service road after the 407 overpass is sneaky.
  • I'm pretty interested in the feds going after R. Allen Stanford, the Texas man accused of bilking billions of dollars from investors through sales of CDs. If you are to, there's a pretty good update here. He's been in jail for a few months and is not handling it well.
  • Bought a lottery ticket for the first time in months last night. Did you know you can't pay for it with a debit card? Isn't that the same as cash?
  • On another lottery note, is there any more of a beating than being stuck behind someone cashing in lottery tickets who then turns around and picks out more?