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Sheesh: I've Got Investigative Reporters After Me!!

Here's the deal: Among the many non-money making enterprises I run is Wise County on the Web which includes Wise County Free Classifieds. A couple of months ago, someone posted an ad to adopt twins on the cheap. I really didn't notice because I rarely look at the ads.
Well, someone called the Sheriff's Office who starts an undercover investigation. (They tell me because the cops and I are tight.) Never really thought anything else about it.
A couple of days ago the ad is posted again but this time it really infuriated a bunch of people, and I get bombarded with complaint emails. Then, today, KXAS Channel 5 calls me! Good grief. The above screenshot is from their web site, and I think they are even running something on the news about it tonight.
So I check back with the High Sheriff who indicates that the best they could determine was that the offer came from some lady out of the country who wouldn't give up any information. And she kept wanting any potential buyers/adopters to go through a middleman who she referred to as "my reverend." Bottom line: They are very sure there are no children and even surer it's just a scam for money. (Like the Nigerian scam but with a picture of a cute kids.)
Anyway, everyone can calm down. Plus, you know those kids had to be little hellions if they were just worth $6 a piece.