The Campaign For DA


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Worse weather forecasting for the weekend ever? Turned out beautiful.
  • I finally saw Date Night this weekend. Summary: Silly and predictable but with some laugh out loud moments.
  • Wow: In 1952, the Boyd Police Chief was shot and a crowd gathered to cheer about it according to this AP story (pdf) in the Seattle Times. (Credit: Bud Kennedy.)
  • There was a story on the news last night of a guy in Dallas handing out envelopes with $1 in them and encouraging people to add a dollar and give it away themselves. Good idea. But at what point do you think people would keep the envelope? I say $5.
  • Modern Family is pretty funny.
  • The First Baptist Church of Dallas has raised $115 million for reconstruction costs. WWJD?
  • Saw an overweight family playing tennis this weekend. The dad ended up yelling, "No one in this family has a lick of hand/eye coordination." And he beaned his little son with a serve.
  • It's weird that the oil spill in the Gulf really hasn't done much damage to land yet.
  • The lady that escaped Wise County Sheriff's deputies last week while handcuffed was recaptured. There's no word as to what happened to the handcuffs.
  • Texas A&M basketball recruit died over the weekend.
  • Fort Worth police shot and killed a man this morning.
  • We've got a computer technician in the office this morning. His phone just went off and it has a ringtone with the theme of The Exorcist.