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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • There might be something wrong with the comments making their way to me. Some people say they have to click the submit button twice before they see the "Your comment has been saved" notification.
  • Someone write this down to remind me after the November elections: "For more than half a century, the average midterm pickup for the party out of power has been 24 seats [in the House of Representatives.]" That'll be the benchmark.
  • The faux hawk haircut is goofy.
  • The new mascots for the London 2010 2012 games are creepy. [Edit @ Danny Boy's comment: Ok, that was funny.]
  • Had a guy ask me yesterday if I had written anything good on "Dairyland." Funny.
  • More cops gone bad: Two Dallas officers were arrested last weekend on DWI charges.
  • It seems silly that Lake Bridgeport is still closed. Sometimes I think people in authority exercise power simply because they can.
  • How bad were the Mavs? They got beat by San Antonio who then got killed by Phoenix who are now getting destroyed by the Lakers.
  • I finally subscribed to a private Texas Criminal Lawyers message board. Verdict: I'd be scared to death if I were the client of some of those guys.
  • Is the journey between Bridgeport and Boyd a little junkier looking than it used to be?
  • Last week had the lowest number of album sales since Nielsen's Soundscan started tracking them in 1991. And I really don't know why "albums" are produced anymore. Why don't artist just release a decent "single" every six months.
  • The Byron Nelson golf tournament kicks off today without one of the top 15 players in the world taking part in it. That thing might die one of these days.