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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Did everyone in Midlothian have a camera in their hand when the tornado appeared? There's about a 1,000 pictures of it.
  • The guy that was struck and killed on 183 in Irving a couple of days ago was in the military and on a layover for the night after landing at DFW. But why was he walking on a highway at 6:00 a.m.?
  • Another weird story is a guy found under an overpass in Dallas whose motorcycle is missing. It's like he went over the side of the highway with the exception the motorcycle is no where to be found. He is the son of a Dallas policeman.
  • Brett Michaels, who is recovering from a brain hemorrhage, revealed he was at home watching Busty Cops 3 when it happened. (Which, I don't mind saying, is better than the last Batman movie.)
  • The most hypnotic video in the history of ever: Red Light Runners Getting In Crashes. [Link fixed.]
  • This license plate I saw last night reminded me of a Seinfeld episode.
  • The trailer for the new Sex In The City movie has Carrie uttering the line, "We're not in Kansas anymore!" Really? That line? You really want to go with that?
  • I'm awful at to do lists and reminders, but I discovered Evernote which is a really, really cool.
  • How with all the great minds in this world can we not stop that oil leak in the Gulf? It's bordering on ridiculous.
  • I had to make the double trip to the grocery store last night. You know, you get home from the store and realize you didn't buy something you have to have that night. Beating.
  • WBAP's Mark Davis, who is losing it lately, went on a rampage the other day with "How dare the Mexican president come to OUR country and criticize one of OUR states. How dare you, sir!" Please. That would be like, heaven forbid, President Obama going to Mexico City and criticizing the lawlessness in the city of Juarez.
  • I think over the next 20 years we'll see a huge move away from Windows with programs which run on our desktops to Google's Android operating system where all the programs and data are kept in the clouds.