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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Odd crew at a party over the weekend: Twitpic of Ice T and his wife, LeeAnn Rimes and hubby, and Pam Anderson.
  • Sheesh: Fox News already had Miss USA runner-up Miss Oklahoma on TV this morning to talk about whether her Immigration Law answer "cost her the crown." (But I'll admit she's pretty smart.)
  • And co-host Brian Kilmeade, proving he's well rounded, asked, "Whose idea was it for the contestants to wear high heels with bathing suits?" Maybe he was born yesterday.
  • The metroplex news coverage of the Lake Bridgeport natural gas spill yesterday was a little bizarre. It happened on Friday afternoon and becomes news on Monday? (I think they all have skeleton crews on weekends.)
  • The Messenger Editor appeared at some public hearing yesterday in connection with the Postal Service considering discontinuing Saturday service. Since the paper is still delivered by mail on Saturday, he is concerned.
  • New USC coach Lane Kiffin, who has never won anything anywhere, will say tonight on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel that he is making $4 million a year.
  • "BP said Monday that about 20 percent of the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico is being swallowed up by its insertion tube system and no longer feeding a giant slick off Louisiana." If I had a septic tank running into my neighbor's pool, I don't think he'd be satisfied if I told him I had diverted 20% of it.
  • The Ballpark in Arlington looked like a lake 30 minutes before game time last night. And with only a 15 minute delay, it looked absolutely normal and the game was underway.
  • I went to the dentist yesterday. I hate going to the dentist.
  • NOAA says April was the hottest April since they've been keeping records.
  • The parking striping in downtown Bridgeport is really tricked up now.
  • Want to know why the University of Texas (and others) would want to leave the Big 12? The most recent numbers indicate that the revenue sharing plan had them earning $10 million in 2007 while Baylor pulled in $7 million. But the schools in the Big 10 make $20 million a year and that number is expected to soar. (Source.)
  • Oh my: 87 year old trying to mark one off his Bucket List died on the Texas Motor Speedway track on Saturday.