Fayetteville Is A Long Way Away

  • I thought I was a fan of driving. I'm not.
  • On the was home I went through Southern Arkansas and Southwestern Southeastern Oklahoma. I had no idea it was that beautiful. I had no idea it was that desolate.
  • Before the game, I got there really early and found a parking garage. It had an automated credit card pay system that I used. When I returned my car was booted by a private company. Sheesh. I called the number on my sticker, a guy shows up in five minutes, believes my story (which was true), and lets me go on my way. Amazing.
  • The University of Arkansas has a crazy and cool tradition. Every graduate gets his or her name etched into a sidewalk on the campus. That's a lot of names, but they have lots of sidewalks. You walk upon names everywhere you go.
  • Most of the leaves had fallen but not all of them. I also came across a section of Evergreens in southern Arkansas which surprised me.
  • And after a krillion hours on the road yesterday. I got stuck in a 30 minute traffic jam on LBJ (and kicked myself for missing the George Bush Tollway). I almost went all Falling Down on everyone.
  • And the pic below may be my favorite. I snuck out the game early and came across a couple in their forties laying out a blanket on the campus grounds.