Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma is huge. (At least it is from the road.) And they've built, or are building, a pretty swanky looking hotel.
  • For some reason, my iPod screwed up on my early morning run yesterday so I had to do without it. Listening to the birds, my breathing, my steps, and everything else around me was not a bad thing.
  • ESPN's College Gameday is coming to TCU, who somehow is now ranked #4, on Saturday. That may not happen again. Ever.
  • "Muslim" does not equal "bad person."
  • "Different from you" does not equal "bad person."
  • I removed caulk from my shower yesterday which was a tremendous beating. But I giggled when I found out that a product called "Krud Remover" that I had purchased from Home Depot actually worked.
  • Book-In Photo fun: Fairly hot 30 year old was arrested for Public Intoxication in Denton yesterday.
  • But hotter.
  • I actually walked in a Michael's store yesterday because I had to. Not fun.
  • On the afternoon of the Fort Hood shooting, everyone was referring to the shooter as the "alleged gunman." I understand the qualifier "alleged", but on that afternoon who exactly was it that was making the "allegations?"
  • It's amazing the military reported that he had died before that was confirmed.
  • I forgot to mention that there was a four jet flyover at Arkansas game this weekend. Me loves me the flyover.
  • I think I saw this weekend's NASCAR winner (whoever that was) firing the fake pistols he is given for winning the race. Even with blanks, that seems dangerous. Wasn't some kung fu movie star killed by a blank once?
  • Cowboy fans might want to tap the Super Bowl brakes. December is coming.
  • Five teens beat a 28 year old man to death in his front yard over the weekend in Wylie. Allegedly.
  • In Fayetteville around 10:00 p.m. I went into a convenience store and spoke briefly to a stressed and young female clerk who was worried about whether her replacement for the third shift would show up. "I have a kid to take care of," she told me. I wonder if she has health care?
  • WBAP's Mark Davis says he is wearing a Demarcus Ware jersey this morning. I was laboring under the delusion that he was a grown man.
  • A Messenger reporter used the word "methodically" in two separate stories this weekend.