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Scariest Play In College Football This Weekend

I said a couple of months ago that I think we'll see someone die in pro football. Heck it might be in college football. But this kid will be OK.


Anonymous said...

Any fool who decides to go airborne should not be surprised at an inevitable landing

Half-Baked Isaac Newton, Sir

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would you say something like that?

Anonymous said...

Ban the sport.

Double-fake Teddy Roosevelt
(look it up)

Anonymous said...

I kind of thought that at first, but he was only trying to hurdle a tackler. The other player who hit him in the end zone made him spin upside down. Now if he'd dove in the end zone with no tacklers near him, then he might have deserved it.
I have seen worse impacts on the football field though.

Anonymous said...

Is he ok???