Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I had two back to back dreams: (1) I ate dinner on a yacht, which I owned, surrounded by 50+ empty tables but all decked out with lighted candles on each, and (2) I was on trial for an unknown criminal offense with the proceedings being held in Paradise under a pavilion that was flown in by helicopter every morning.
  • My dreams are more exciting than my weekdays.
  • Obama did a good job at the Fort Hood Services yesterday.
  • I had never seen the "roll call" where the name of the deceased soldier is called out among the names of other soldiers that are present.
  • But Obama is "seriously considering" sending 35,000 more troops to Afghanistan? Sheesh. Don't do it.
  • Texas executed someone else last night. And three more are scheduled next week. Must be the holiday season.
  • I always thought Sesame Street, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, was just a little weird.
  • Jarhead unfriended me on Facebook and Twitter. And he didn't even tell me we were breaking up.
  • Getting "unfriended" is a new social phenomenon.
  • Hottest double amputee ever. Seriously.
  • A caller on Rush Limbaugh yesterday said the Obama Administration didn't want to refer to the shooting at Fort Hood as a "terrorist act" because that would prove "Obama has failed to keep us safe like President Bush did." Rush agreed.
  • Texas Coach Mack Brown referred to playing Baylor this weekend as a "great challenge." Really? Maybe a great challenge not to score 70.
  • It seems weird that you can wear sunglasses in those ESPN poker tournaments since having a "tell" is apparently a big deal. Why not wear a full mask?
  • It took me forever to figure out that those "Left For Dead 2" billboards were for a video game.
Edit: The Messenger now has a blurb on the Chico coach which has been mentioned in the comments all day.