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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I've got a purple tie on today.
  • I think I got ripped off last night buying some towels at Bed, Bath and Beyond, or are they just expensive in general?
  • Countdown to the first comment about me being in a Bed, Bath, and Beyond: Three . . . two . . . one
  • The news was reporting yesterday that former Texas Ranger and Argyle resident John Wetteland was "suicidal" when cops were called to his house. Today's story was a bit more ambiguous. (And every sportswriter I've ever heard to talk about Wetteland says he is a tremendous jerk.)
  • First excerpts are out of Sarah Palin's book to be released Tuesday: She never mentions Levi Johnston. How is that possible when they paraded that kid out at the Republican National Convention?
  • I think I'm obsessed with Palin. If she's on my TV screen, I stop down.
  • This is only the second sellout of TCU's stadium in 25 years? I bet the last one was when the Evil Empire came to town in the mid-1980s when TCU finally rose from the dead. (Wise County connection: James Maness of Decatur was on the TCU squad and Debbie O'dell-Selz of Bridgeport was a TCU cheerleader.)
  • Wait. TCU is a 20 point favorite and Utah is running out a freshman quarterback? What's all the excitement about?
  • While you were sleeping: The lawyer for the Ft. Hood shooter says he (the shooter) is paralyzed.
  • There's only a couple of people/entities that I have their Twitter updates delivered directly to my phone via text message. The Messenger is one of them. Note to the boys over there: You have got to STOP the 15 tweet onslaught when the paper comes out -- especially when five of them are dedicated to obituaries.
  • When I was a kid, I'd catch horned frogs all the time. The rumor was they would spit blood, but I never saw that happened. But I can't remember the last time I saw one in the wild.
  • Not many people notice when it's Friday the 13th (As 90% of you reading this realize it is Friday the 13th.)
  • To become a DPS trooper, you normally have to go through a 26 week training program in Austin. Not any more, at least if you are a certified police officer. Now they are offering just a 10 week training course with a HUGE catch: You must agree to border patrol duty for the first two years. Starting salary is $2,982.25 per month. (Note to recruiters: You might want to add $18 to that because $3,000 a month sound a lot better.)