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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The "rank the girls" commentor has his work cut out for him today.
  • I broke my left click button on the built-in mouse pad on my laptop. Beating.
  • TCU is tricking up their uniforms for this week's high profile game with Utah. Warning: Don't mess with charma. Edit: Make that "karma". What the heck is "charma"?
  • The question has nothing to do with veterans or military service: Should "The Cold War" be referenced in the same list that contains "World War II", "The Vietnam War" or the "Korean War?" Seems like a fair question that rationale people could debate.
  • NPR, while doing a profile on the Fort Hood shooter this morning, mentioned that "On at least one occasion he tried to convert one of his mental health patients to Islam saying it would 'save his soul.'" Is that a big deal? Would the fact that a Christian mental health care provider tried to convert a patient to Christianity because it would "save his soul" be newsworthy?
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has cancer. But he's a Muslim so we don't care, right?
  • Speaking of cancer, I read this yesterday which stopped me down.
  • There's an article today in the Star Telegram about defense lawyers subpoenaing records from the City of Fort Worth in criminal trials (primarily information held by the police department). Little known fact: A subpoena can be issued by the State or the defense without the judge's approval. You just fill out a form, file it with the clerk, and then hand it to someone over 18 years old to go serve it. Seems wrong.
  • Insignificantly significant: The Star-Telegram's sport's section on Sunday had a blurb about Baylor's win over Missouri but did not have an article about the afternoon game. Not even an AP article. I know these are hard newspaper times, but I never remember that happening before.
  • You want to run me off from your business? Refuse to leave me alone. Case in point: A cashier in Fort Worth sandwich shop yesterday who loudly told a co-worker, "He always orders the same thing. And then he's going to take his paper and go and sit at the table over there with his back towards the door."Good bye.
  • A 21 year old won the World Series of Poker yesterday (and over $8 million.) His winning hand (as I try not to think of the the song Brick House)?: A pair of nines.
  • I'm happy I have no desire whatsoever to shoot a deer.
  • Fallen Miss California, Carrie Prejean, is all over Fox News promoting her new book. She's the oddest "family values" individual the network has ever embraced considering the recent news of a sex tape she made as a teenager for her boyfriend. Not to worry, "it's all a campaign to silence me, " she said this morning. Yep, it's all a vast left wing conspiracy.
  • And does everyone have to write a book?