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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm slowly going crazy
  • I could have sworn I woke up this morning because of a small boy yelling in my back yard. "Heeelllllooooo!" Creepy.
  • I wonder if it is expensive to run my gas powered fireplace all day? (And should that sentence end in a question mark? It's more of a statement than a question, isn't it?)
  • Boy, the weather boys missed it for the first half of yesterday.
  • When I first got my driver's license, it iced over in Bridgeport for four straight days. I had waited forever, and then I had to wait some more.
  • Paradise ISD is the slowest to report whether its school will be closed
  • Fox 4's Lari Barager became my friend of Facebook --- and one of her first acts of business was to bust on Jarhead for saying "she's a chunk."
  • Channel 5's Tammy Dombeck looked slim this morning.
  • Blogger Anobiter is in Hawaii. That girl travels more than the Secretary of State.
  • Fox 4's new weather gal Fiona Gorozstais Gorostiza is proving that she is smoking hot. But that is one crazy last name.
  • I feel for working parents that have to scramble when the schools close.
  • Channel 5's "school closing" scroll was ridiculously slow. I be it would take 45 minutes to get from one end to the other.
  • I once busted a windshield by pouring hot water on the iced over glass
  • Baylor lost to Texas last night in basketball because the Bears couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.
  • Saw this question yesterday: Has there ever been a person who was more famous than Obama while he was still alive? I'm not sure there has been.
  • An opinion piece that explains exactly why Rush Limbaugh says such things as "I hope he [Obama] fails"
  • When I jogged yesterday morning, the other lone jogger I saw warned me about an icy bridge ahead. That was nice.
  • Heard someone dumped some puppies at a Decatur school yesterday.
  • Do we care more about abandoned puppies than kids in foster homes?


Eddie in Paradise said...

Paradise ISD is closed today. They have a phone alert system like the county. We were alerted by both.

Daniel said...

Kids in foster homes in the US are our version of Refugee's. People DO CARE more about cute or endangered animals than the poor, disabled and needy kids.

Jarhead said...

Um... yeah... I didn't know you actually knew her!!

That was a pretty good comeback she had though ~ I laughed heartily.

I don't guess I'll be getting any "friend requests" from ol' Lari anytime soon. :(

Open mouth, insert boot. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Could you send "Deann the Plumber" over to my place? I have some pipe that needs to be cleaned out

Anonymous said...

Speaking of foster children, CASA has a moving display of children that are available for foster care and/or adoption. It is moving in that it is traveling all around the county, and moving in the emotional sense also. It is at First United Methodist Church in Decatur right now, then moves Friday. Call CASA at 627-7535 to see where it will be. You'll want to take all of the kids home with you. Joy Woodruff is doing an excellent job of displaying this.

wordkyle said...

How unsurprising that the Liberal blogosphere, as exemplified by the deceptive opinion piece about Rush Limbaugh, decides to misrepresent what Limbaugh meant when he said "I hope he (Obama) fails." He had spent several minutes explaining his opposition to Obama's policies. Why would he quit opposing those policies because Obama won an election?

From the transcript: "I've been listening to Barack Obama for a year-and-a-half. I know what his politics are. I know what his plans are, as he has stated them. I don't want them to succeed.... What he's talking about is the absorption of as much of the private sector by the US government as possible, from the banking business, to the mortgage industry, the automobile business, to health care. I do not want the government in charge of all of these things. I don't want this to work."

What kind of a fool wants those things? Oh, that's right -- a Liberal Democrat. Leave it to a Liberal clown to say that Rush wants the country to fail.

The Liberal playbook in action. Saul Alinsky's Rule for Radicals #12: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

Anonymous said...

Is she the same person as Crystal Walden from yesterday?

Anonymous said...

"Fox 4's new weather gal Fiona Gorozstais is proving that she is smoking hot. But that is one crazy last name."
So crazy that you misspelled it, even though you got it right on Monday: "The new weather girl on Fox 4's morning news, Fiona Gorostiza, has arrived."

Anonymous said...

Tammie is wearing a black suit today and that is why she looks thinner.

Anonymous said...

Shut up wordkyle

Anonymous said...

Yes. Puppies are more adorable than most children.

wordkyle said...

I've pondered whether to respond to someone who mistakes unoriginality for cleverness. Nah, I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

It's pricelss seeing Wordkyle defending Limbaugh. Birds of a feather?

Our problems are not going to be solved by a liberal or a conservative, but the two compromising, trying something, and trying something else, trying something else till they get it right.

Anonymous said...

Keep talking WordKyle. those Liberal's would know what was right if it was standing in front of them hitting them in the face.

Davey in Davenport said...

The Channel 5 girl's white shirt sure pokes out of her jacket. Wow.

Limbaugh is a clown and people like listening to clowns.

Maybe Baylor lost because Texas played good defense? Just maybe?

Anonymous said...

Deann the plumber has some great "snow globes". Speaking of Tammy Dombeck, she went on a diet several months ago. I miss her friends.

Anonymous said...

Our problems aren't going to be solved by throwing money at government programs that have already been in place for years and have not fixed the problems. I am not a big Rush fan but I figured that when he said he wanted Obama to fail he meant that he hopes Obama's socialist policies will fail. So if that's what he meant I think you'll find many who agree with him.

And typically liberal, when you don't agree with WordKyle you either call him names or tell him to shut up. If you can express your opinion, so can he...and Rush and the rest of us who you may not agree with.

Anonymous said...

"Our problems are not going to be solved by a liberal or a conservative, but the two compromising, trying something, and trying something else, trying something else till they get it right."


Anonymous said...

Barry, haff you lost yo mine?

My ex looks better than chick (Honestly)

wordkyle said...

903 - I'm not defending Rush -- there's nothing to have to defend. I'm attacking Liberals who distort the truth to earn Alinsky points.

As for compromising -- I don't want government to take over industries. Liberals do. How do you propose a compromise? Let government take over some industries and not others? Let them take a majority stockholder position in businesses? Compromise is overrated. A bad idea is a bad idea, and should not be indulged for the sake of "compromise."

Congressional Democrats are "trying" a trillion dollar stimulus package (which they wanted to include birth control, a mafia museum and money to ACORN.) When that doesn't work, should they get another trillion dollars, and another, until they "get it right?" Why not oppose it vigorously at the outset before the money is spent?

Anonymous said...

834, it sounds like you let Rush do your thinking for you. My, My, My! You just can’t get away from the term “Liberal” as a means to justify everything. Poor Soul!

Anonymous said...

No puppies aren't more important than babies. They are both a sad commentary on todays society.

The concept of instilling values, rights, wrongs has become, not just obsolete, but prohibited. Nothing is required nor expected of parents or owners.

It is, however, heartbreaking to realize that many of these puppies could have been prevented if those responsible for enforcing animal control laws did so.

Anonymous said...

The next time my old frat has a 'dog show' for old times sake I want to take that chick- ewww!

wordkyle said...

920 - "Liberal" is a great word for those whose policies I oppose. If they choose to run away from it, that's their problem.

I realize that it's distressing to people like you ("Liberal" might fit) when you're confronted with the reality that Conservatives are for the most part reasonably intelligent, reasonably informed people. If your caricature of me comforts you, then by all means keep it.

Anonymous said...

As far as a person who has ever been better well known or more popular and famous than Obama, GET REAL!!.. try some people who have actually done something to earn their being noticed and admired by the entire world like, Churchill,
Eisenhower, Gandi, and others of REAL substance!!

Obama is merely a man who has been falsely made to look bigger and better than he was/is by the very liberal biased media building him up to appear as though he is somebody who has done something, when in fact, he has done nothing of substance yet for anyone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

But, we need someone to take care of us.

Anonymous said...

I can't get the Beyonce song "Single Ladies" out of my mind. Does that make me gay? I'm pretty sure I'm gay.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone wonder if Wordkyle is Barry's alter ego? Just saying.

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful watching the Rep Minority Leader complaining that the stimilus package doesn't have a reduction of corporate income tax feature. Yes, let's reduce their taxes so they can buy 50m jets, award bonuses 100000X their worker's salaries, sell their 13M house to wives for $100.

I am all for helping the small businessman, but key will determine what is "small" Also, it will have to be in the form of "tax breaks",shortened depreciation for equipment purchased, employees added.

And while everyone is demanding transparency, let's require anyone getting bail out money to make quite transparent what they are doing off shore!

chupacabra said...

Pretty sad that animal shelters outnumber womens shelters by something like 100 to 1 in this country. Until recent history there wasn't a womens shelter at all in the WC and getting it funded took an incredible effort and it still operates with very marginal support but, with a straight face we can spend nearly a million dollars on an animal shelter. That is bizarre- we don't make any sense sometimes

Anonymous said...

I think Rush, and Rush clones like WordRush, Word Hannity, Neil Wordtz, Wordcheal Savage, and Kyle O'Wordy want Obama's policies to fail because they are more afraid of what the result would be if Obama's policies worked really great. Just because some things don't work well in Europe does not mean the United States can't do it better. Just think of the outcry if The Dixie Chicks had said they hoped George W. Bush's policies would fail....... There would be no "turn the other chick" forgiveness there, would they.

mzchief said...

However, Limbaugh is absolutely correct in hoping for FAILURE for Obama's schemes to use the current economic situation to FOREVER establish socialism in the private sector.

Name one industry the government has controlled that has been more successful than that owned and solely operated by private industry? Private U.S. companies are better at fighting wars than is the U.S. government which is one reason there are sooooo many private security firms fighting and providing security in Iraq, Afghanistan, Croatia, Bosnia and Sudan.

No! People do not care more for puppies than children which is why people do not abandon, countless, children on the sides of country roads, schools and or restaurant parking lots to starve and/or be run over. Society does not tolerate MILLIONS of children being killed because stupid people refuse to do what it takes to avoid unwanted pregnancies as is the case with cats and dogs.

David said...

As a foster parent, I am in contact with numerous other foster families in the area. Also, the majority of foster families include more than one foster child. We have two foster children. They are brother and sister and they will be with us long term. One is eight and the other is two and they will most likely "age-out" in our family (stay until they are adults and move out on their own). They are just as much of a blessing to us as we are to them. It doesn't take a special person to be a foster parent, just a special kid.

gern blansten said...


Re: Dixie chicks...

No, the Dixie chicks never said publicly they hoped Pres. Bush would fail, but every liberal and just about every media outlet in the known universe claimed everything he did failed. I don't remember Bush getting credit for anything within the past two or three years - even when he should have gotten credit for it (the war in Iraq comes to mind).

As for rush limbaugh, I, too, heard the show where he was talking about Obama "failing." He was talking about the socialism Obama is trying to implement by "spreading the wealth" and "making the rich pay their fair share."
Well, Barry, you're a well-paid attorney. How do you feel about being punished for having a great paying job?
But then again, this all makes me a "Rush clone" or a "neocon", right?
It's amazing how all you liberals conveniently forget about all the hatred you all spewed at Bush for so long, but now you want everybody to hold hands and sing koombayah for obama. You like playing the game with two sets of rules.

wordkyle said...

1013 - Yes, why don't we ignore history and go ahead and try socialism in America. 1) It's worked out so well in every other country; and 2) Our politicians have proven themselves to be better judges of what's good for us than we have for ourselves. Take-home pay be damned! Give it to the government first.

Side note: The best idea for a "stimulus" bill was Texas congressman Louie Gohmert's idea of a tax holiday. For a short period, we would get to keep all our checks for ourselves (minus state and local taxes.) Federal tax and social security tax would not be taken out. Why will this legislation never pass? Because politicians couldn't bribe us with our own money. Why is the finance industry getting so much of the bailout money? Because they're the biggest Democrat supporters.

Anonymous said...

i hope bamy fail, too

Anonymous said...

love it when the reporters repeat statements that are completely rebutted by what's going on behind them. Such as, "traffic is moving very slowly" while you see cars going by at normal speed.

Anonymous said...

Of course there have been people as famous as Obama. Bin Laden? Hitler? Amelia Earhart? John Glenn? Patton? On and on the list goes.

Anonymous said...

Just another pundit of the drive-by media distorting what Limbaugh actually said.

It would really be nice if the government simply protected our borders and foreign interests, and left everything else alone. Obama's socialistic policies must fail or else the USA will become the USSA.

Collectionsite said...

I think Lari Barager is a Hottie and Jarhead might of been a little too harsh.

Maybe Jarhead is chunky ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the liberals will take over Wordy.

Let us pray.

Anonymous said...

the liveral have taken over 11:14

and you had better pray.

Anonymous said...

Mohammad Ali and Michael Jackson both, at one time, had the most recognizable names in the world.

wordkyle said...

1114 - Keep prayin' (to whatever supreme being of your choice.) It's good for you to make new acquaintances now and then.

The Democrat party and Obama personally have targeted Rush Limbaugh -- who is not in government, but is instead a private citizen -- for destruction. They've even started an online petition targeting him. That's the party that controls Congress and the White House. If they can do it to Rush Limbauh, what stops them from trying to destroy any private citizen who opposes them?

Silicone Alley said...

Shut up wordkyle.

Jarhead said...

Shut it, Sillycone.

"I met her up at the Del Taco... I said you hella fine she said you el guapo..."

Anonymous said...

Yes, shut up Wordkyle.

Anonymous said...

Silicone Alley the Queen of my WORLD & yours has spoken !! And she speaks the truth.

Wordkyle shut the Fuke up.

Anonymous said...

Shut up wordkyle

Anonymous said...

Everytime Dombeck turns to her Right, she covers up 8 lanes of Highway.

Anonymous said...

10:24 AM David,

YOU are actually DOING something to make a difference.

Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Silicone Sally, raise your hand if you are sure.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle, I am amazed at your patience with the left.

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

How could anyone abandon Deann's puppies.....

Anonymous said...

12:53 There was a time she would have covered up the Trans Texas Corridor. Such a shame to see them both go away.

mzchief said...

You people telling WordKyle to "shut up" should make an attempt at presenting a COGENT argument, other than you do not like what he is saying, as to why WordKyle should shut up. Just posting "shut up" makes you sound/look like brats stomping your feet because you "waaaaannnttt it."

I do not always agree with WordKyle but his comments on this issue are ACCURATE.

I am not even going to make a guess at how many comments it will take before the brats start with their "shut up mzchief" whine.

wordkyle said...

122 - I've raised five children, so I know how to treat them. Thanks for the support.

Say, did you hear on the Rush Limbaugh Show how Obama told business leaders today that all Washington politicians can do to help the economy is to provide the "right climate" for business? And Rush compared that to January 8, when Obama said "only government" can fix the economy? Rush played both remarks back to back several times so it would be apparent how easily Obama changes his story -- even his philosophy -- to fit the audience. Remember how he talked about blue collar Americans at that elite meeting in San Francisco?

That Rush, he really knows his stuff.

Anonymous said...

9:13 am You have it right.

Extreme conservatism is dead. As a matter of fact, our country has taken a turn here. Extremism of any form is OUT.

Moderate discourse by which thoughtful exchange of intelligent ideas takes place during a civil debate reaching a solution aimed at the common good is IN.

Political dissent is desirable in a democracy, as long as we maintain dignity and honor in the process.

Rush Limbaugh's objective is not to provide a conservative point of view. His objective is to incite anger and hate, which increases ratings. He openly admits to lying, but says it is no big deal because he is just an 'entertainer'.

America is in serious trouble right now. We should not allow our political thoughts to be shaped, nor our decisions to be influenced by 'entertainers'.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle, Keep up the heat. Speak the truth. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Way to go workkyle iam so sick of listening to the wining of people. no one can have an opinion any more if you do your either races or not an american supporter. What has happen to our country?

Anonymous said...

Let me be the first Onion head... Shut up MzCreep...

Anonymous said...

What is some archaeologist going to think 2000 years from now when he finds all the silicone in your casket. Shut up Ms Fake.

Anonymous said...

Famous People while they were alive...

Pope (pick one)

Muhammad Ali

Elvis Presley

John Wayne

Elizabeth Taylor


Barry Green


The Beatles

Captain Kangaroo

Mr. Peppermint

Paris Hilton(unfortunately)


Paul Harvey

Larry King

Johnny Carson

Jack Parr

David Letterman

Jay Leno

Bob Hope

Bing Crosby

Mr. Majka

Coach V. M. Hill

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Lancelot

Sir Galahad

Albert Einstein










Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Solo

Illya Kuryakin

Marshall Matt Dillon

The Beaver(duh)

Ryan Seacrest

Howard Stern

Austin Powers


Helen of Troy

Ronald McDonald

Colonel Sanders

Double Fake

Bugs Bunny

Mickey Mouse

Felix the Cat

Dr. Frankenfurter




Marilyn Monroe

Orson Welles

I could go on and on and on....

Double Fake St. Pete

Silicone Alley said... got any tobasco sauce?


wordkyle said...

158 - Did you type "extremism of any type is out" with a straight face? When the new President and Congressional leaders are examples of extremely extreme Liberalism? Or maybe you just meant the front part of your statement. (Wishful thinking on your part, by the way.)

As for Rush Limbaugh "openly admitting to lying," I think some evidence on your part is in order. You wouldn't want to be caught simply making things up, would you?

As for "inciting anger" -- yes, if you mean anger at how Liberals simply make things up. Hatred? Not at all. Again, you would need to provide evidence to support that one. Spurious attacks, and all that.

Anonymous said...

Throwing my arms like a baby, screaming and stomping my feet.......Shut the eff up Wordkyle!

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

In his 8:34 am post, wordkyle defends Rush Limbaugh's comments "I hope he (Obama) fails." by implying they are deviously taken out of context.

In his 1:54 PM post wordkyle praises Rush Limbaugh for taking President Obama's comments out of context and playing them over and over again.

Really, wordkyle! Just log off for the day and give us all a break.

Anonymous said...

3:23 - right on.

wordkyle said...

323 - As I said before, Rush's comments don't need defending. His words and meaning were consistent. Liberals deliberately and insistently misrepresented his meaning. (Which would have been crystalline to anyone who bothered to read the transcript.)

It would take a contortionist to find any consistency between Obama 1/8 ("Only government can fix the economy") and Obama 1/28 ("Government can only provide the climate for business to fix the economy.") Go ahead and do it, if you can.

This reminds me of the last presidential campaign when Liberals kept ridiculing Bush for being inarticulate, yet everyone knew what he meant. Whereas the "articulate" John Kerry kept having to go back and explain what he really meant to say. As Obama's VP said about him, Obama's "articulate" (as well as "clean," according to Biden. Both of which apparently qualified him to President, since there was little else.)

I decided early this morning to spend part of my day discomfiting Liberals. It's been a good day.

Anonymous said...

4:06 wordkyle

"I decided early this morning to spend part of my day discomfiting Liberals. "

THIS is what you decided to do?
This is how you plan your day?

"It's been a good day"
You enjoyed this?

I encourage you to seek counseling. Really. wordkyle. I am not being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

Recipe for Hate Radio:

* Encourage your listeners' fears and insecurities.
* Affirm their prejudices.
* Uphold their bigotry as a virtue.
* Praise their ignorance as "down-home values".
* Make them feel better about themselves by telling them they're not the lowest rung on society's ladder.
* Enrage them by telling them that other people are to blame for all their problems.
* Point out who those people are so that your listeners know who to hate.

watch Rush Limbaugh as he talks about the 'formula' for making you angry. "Embellish opinions with cockiness to generate hatred" he says.

Read more from former radio news director talks about the secrets of talk radio.

Think about how your opinions are formed.

wordkyle said...

533 - Why is how I choose to spend (a very small portion of) my day important to you? Does being "pro choice" only mean one thing?

And in fact, I have enjoyed this. I've presented logical arguments -- with evidence -- demonstrating how Liberals manufacture outrage over something they create out of whole cloth. I also demonstrated how Obama's words are designed to fit the occasion, without regard to honesty or consistency. Those kinds of things are important to thinking people -- like many of the people who read (but don't care to participate in) these exchanges. Let them read both sides and make up their own minds.

And it's been an absolutely lovely day. Thanks for adding to my delight.

Anonymous said...

Shut up, Anonymous.

wordkyle said...

551 - Ho ho! Nice try. Your "recipe" for Hate Radio is the same as the recipe for running a Democratic presidential campaign. (Except for making people feel better about themselves. Democrats make sure that everyone feels like a victim.)

Thanks for posting that video. It's clear that when he's talking about "generating hatred" it's hatred from those who oppose his opinions.

And Rush makes it clear that there are many media people who use the "formula" for making people angry. He was not saying that he was one of them, or that he used that formula.

By the way, I'm glad that video was not heavily edited. A heavy-handed editing job might make the viewer think the editor was trying to create the wrong impression.

As for your radio news director opinion piece? It was pretty thoroughly rebutted here. Inquiring minds can read both pieces and decide for themselves.

My opinions? I can tell you they were NOT formed by listening to a guy who proposed "hope" and "change" but whose policies are the same old garbage.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between Word and Rush. I do not think Word is a dopehead (as in the chemical dependency meaning) yet. But then, some of his ramblings.......

Anonymous said...

Maybe if our government is so sorry, as you rignt-wing anarchists are whining here, and does such a terrible job, maybe we, the people, should stand up and insist we outsource our government to China or Haliburton, or just make Rush King and let him run the country. El Rusho lovers would be so happy they would just shit all over themselves with glee.

Anonymous said...

Tammy Dombeck needs to stop wearing those sport jackets and show off those cans more. In the words of Jackie Childs, the atty from Seinfeld, "they are real, and they are fantastic."

Anonymous said...

it wasn't the attorney who said that line, it was the character played by Teri Hatcher after Elaine tried to feel her up to see if they were fake or real

not there's anything wrong with that