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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The latest news on whether Megan Henderson will leave Fox 4. For the love of all things sweet and clean, don't leave Megan!!!
  • Did you catch the story last night of the Amber Alert being issued because a daddy didn't return his kid to the mom in time? She claims he said, "You'll never see her again" but once the cops got the kid back, she wasn't even remotely angry. Hmmmm. And then I'm shocked to learn that the FBI was involved and considering "federal charges" because the dad had some guns in his home. Why guns? The reporter on the spot said, "He's apparently a gun collector." Bottom line: A dad is late in returning his kids and now we've got federal kidnapping/gun charges?
  • That was a little long for a Random Thought.
  • Crazy dream of the night: My buddies and I were going to turn into grackles at 11:00 p.m. and our mission was to fly down a fireplace that had smoke blowing out of it.
  • That is a reader submitted pic above. (Now in my deep Whataburger commercial voice: "Atta boy, Tiger.")
  • The National Geographic Channel taught me the difference between the Taliban and Al Qaeda last night. (Then someone emailed to tell me I watch the same stuff as her 60 year old dad.)
  • They convicted that guy in McKinney last night in the capital murder trial involving the death of four people. Something seems wrong about that prosecution.
  • Facebook is genius. If a person you know is on it, you'll eventually find them. Then you'll sit there and stare at the "Add Them As Friend" button deciding whether you want to come out of hiding.
  • That was a bad wreck over in Bridgeport yesterday. It's amazing how fast news like that will travel around our little back woods county.
  • I'm pretty sure that one of our local assistant DA's is a Male Ann Coulter.
  • This probably has limited interest, but my defense lawyer and prosecutor buddies will probably find this to be funny.
  • I bought some hair thinning shears and actually used them (ever so slightly) on my hair on the sides of my head. God is taking care of the top of my head.
  • AnObiter is taunting us with pics of her current trip to Hawaii. I'll try to upload some pics from Haslet later.