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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm slowly going crazy
  • I could have sworn I woke up this morning because of a small boy yelling in my back yard. "Heeelllllooooo!" Creepy.
  • I wonder if it is expensive to run my gas powered fireplace all day? (And should that sentence end in a question mark? It's more of a statement than a question, isn't it?)
  • Boy, the weather boys missed it for the first half of yesterday.
  • When I first got my driver's license, it iced over in Bridgeport for four straight days. I had waited forever, and then I had to wait some more.
  • Paradise ISD is the slowest to report whether its school will be closed
  • Fox 4's Lari Barager became my friend of Facebook --- and one of her first acts of business was to bust on Jarhead for saying "she's a chunk."
  • Channel 5's Tammy Dombeck looked slim this morning.
  • Blogger Anobiter is in Hawaii. That girl travels more than the Secretary of State.
  • Fox 4's new weather gal Fiona Gorozstais Gorostiza is proving that she is smoking hot. But that is one crazy last name.
  • I feel for working parents that have to scramble when the schools close.
  • Channel 5's "school closing" scroll was ridiculously slow. I be it would take 45 minutes to get from one end to the other.
  • I once busted a windshield by pouring hot water on the iced over glass
  • Baylor lost to Texas last night in basketball because the Bears couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.
  • Saw this question yesterday: Has there ever been a person who was more famous than Obama while he was still alive? I'm not sure there has been.
  • An opinion piece that explains exactly why Rush Limbaugh says such things as "I hope he [Obama] fails"
  • When I jogged yesterday morning, the other lone jogger I saw warned me about an icy bridge ahead. That was nice.
  • Heard someone dumped some puppies at a Decatur school yesterday.
  • Do we care more about abandoned puppies than kids in foster homes?