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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'd be scared not to shut down the schools if I was making the call. The last thing you need is wet streets in the morning and frozen streets in the afternoon with the schools full.
  • "We are getting reports of drizzle!!!" - Channel 5's weather girl this morning
  • I've truly seen at least three reporters utter the phrase, "Sand trucks are standing by." How can you say that with a straight face anymore?
  • And if it's not sleeting or icing at the moment, the reporter will say that is "positive news" despite the fact that 90% of the audience wants it to sleet/ice.
  • I had a dream last night that I had to have my eyes sewn shut for a time period to correct my vision. And a former Texas Ranger who hates me was helping me arrange it.
  • I also dreamed/dreamt I was negotiating to buy the dumpiest lake house ever.
  • When I have intense dreams, I wake up exhausted with my muscles tense. Once I realize it was a dream, I can feel my body relax. What a beating.
  • Fox 4 didn't have the new super hot weather girl in this morning. They whipped us with Ron Jackson. Why!!??? Why!!!???
  • Wow, the Rev. Ted Haggard's former megachurch now admits that it paid money to a 20 year old who had a (newly revealed) sexual relationship with the former pastor. The church agreed to pay the man in exchange for his pledges not to talk publicly about the relationship," the current past said. Riiiiiiighhhhhhtttttt.
  • If you're not ready for the "digital conversion" of your TV, you'll never be ready.
  • There's a Decatur lady on facebook with the last name of McIntyre who posts pictures of the most beautiful little girl (I presume it's her daughter.)
  • I downloaded The Sea Wolf by Jack London. Whenever I see anyone I even remotely admire say a book "changed the way I see life", I can't help myself from buying it. (But now I can't remember who suggested it this weekend.)
  • Isn't it amazing there was a character in the old Popeye cartoon named "The Sea Hag"? Think you could get away with that today?
  • I've been a little interested in Jack London ever since I learned the subject of Into The Wild was a fan of his.
  • I've got a close friend who still tells me that saying I "read" a book after I listened to the audio version is cheating. But that person also says it takes more concentration to listen than to read.