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Anonymous said...

Breaking News!!
Citi Bank gets a $45 million bailout from the U.S. taxpayers via our wonderful and highly intelligent Congress and Senate, and has just purchased a $50 million dollar corporate jet. There are only seven of these planes in the U.S. and they're made by the French. Meanwhile, George is in Crawford kicking dirt clods and laughing his ass off. People will soon realize He's not to blame for all of it. I'm telling ya, give Washington the finger and stop paying taxes.
Sorry about the guy in the motorcycle wreck.

Anonymous said...

All machines of death should be banished, including dryers, Waring blenders, tweezers, and iPods.

Anonymous said...

Would he still be alive had he crashed further from the Lake?

Anonymous said...

He died doing what he loved. I envy someone that goes out doing something they really enjoyed. My Harley is worth it all. Power to the people dude.

Shane Lee said...

Motorcyclist are usually passionate about them. but passionate should have some brain with it.