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School Closings

(Don't panic. Pic from the Great Wise County Snow Storm of March 2007 2008.) There's no way I'm sitting around and doing a comprehensive list of school closings (and if I'm a superintendent, I'm closing all of them) but . . . . . . as I'm up at 4:43 am for who-knows-why, I see the following closings on my television invention:
  • Decatur ISD
  • Bridgeport ISD
  • Alvord ISD
  • Chico ISD
  • Slidell ISD
  • Northwest ISD
  • Paradise ISD <-----Last one to announce
  • Forestburg delayed till 10:00 a.m. (What??????)
  • Bluebonnet Nudist Resort (I'm guessing on this one.)


Anonymous said...

Barry honey, i hope your memory isn't as short as, um, well, nevermind. But the great snowstorm of the decatur was 2008, not 2007.


RPM said...

I wonder if Bluebonnet has a shrinkage chart like they do for wind chill?

Anonymous said...

The reason Paradise is the last one to announce is because the Supt. to be is worthless... After Criswell leaves you will see Paradise on a decline. Was there NO ONE else in the state of Texas to interview for the job????? I find it hard to beieve that Monty "The People Person" Chapman was the best the school could do........the board will see in a year or so....I have raised several kids here and this place is getting bad.

Anonymous said...

7:28 Things could be worse, just be greatful you have healthy kids in school. Maybe you should run assuming you qualify...

Anonymous said...

When it comes to Bluebonnet, don't leave it to guesswork. We want probing questions and hard answers!

Triple Fake Double Entendre

Anonymous said...

as they say at the 'bonnet, this cold weather will shrank the living hell out of it

Anonymous said...

What a real cheap shot at Chapman. Give him a chance. He's a great guy. You'll see. And you can always run for school board can't you? That's your fair shot, and if you're elected, then the people will speak - if not, then it's not your opinion they want anyway, which is my guess from teh start, given the tone of your comment.

Good luck Chapman.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Paradise, what ever happened to the B'port football star who was to transfer to Paradise? I just gotta keep up on this 'portant stuff.

Anonymous said...

Chapman, Criswell, etc... It doesn't matter anymore. The current crop of school administrators (state-wide) only respond to the dysfunctional system our state legislator has created. You will be hard pressed to find a sincere school administrator anymore. Good guys/gals don't last long in those positions. Under the current system of education that our dumb arse legislators and State Boaord members have created, the only administrator that schools need anymore are disciplinarians. Technology and standardized testing does everything that principals (notice we don't call them that's administrator now) used to do. Instead, we have administrators that love to use words like data, asessment, and rigor (trite educational buzzwords) along with creating charts and graphs to justify their jobs. In the meantime, teachers and students are suffocating under the weight of ineffective leadership and superficial curriculum (TAKS, TAKS, TAKS...students are keeping administrators employed).

Anonymous said...

I can tell you this not many employees in Paradise want this guy in charge they do some pretty shady things in Paradise it wouldnt surprise me if his wife becomes the asst. sup

Anonymous said...

Years ago I applied for my first teaching job in Paradise. When I interviewed with the principal (I think it was a middle school position...) we discussed the Accelerated Reader program. He was not pleased because some students were choosing books below their reading level. He sounded angry as he announced "I think some of them are just reading for pleasure!"

I politely declined when he offered the job a few days later. I fear I would have been a subversive-encouraging kids to read for fun and other such nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious 8:50...did you eventually teach somewhere else? That story is are nothing but numbers now to school administrators. Admin wants to talk rigor but they have no idea what that is...they want students to perform well on tests...they don't care if a students can think for themselves or enjoy or even remember a book. They are ruining kids' attitudes with their obsession with standardized tests. There is no such thing as mastery or the allowance of being average anymore. Admin will tell you that they are raising the standards of education, raising the bar, etc. at parent meetings...what a crock of crap! I don't think they even know how superficial they are . Most administrators are what you call "fast trackers" meaning they spent a minimal time in the clasroom. Many of them use little districts to cut their teeth and move on up the career chain; or, they spend years trying to climb out of an average, uninspirational presence. It's like they are corporate wanna-bes except they couldn't cut it in the corporate world.

Anonymous said...

10:28, I think you're on to something.

However, our new 'principal' is doing a wonderful job leading a local high school. He's not cramming it all down our throats, he is honest, and he leads by example. He's visible, and our students know who he is, and they also respect him.

It's a great start to getting us back on track.

Anonymous said...

10:38, what school district? I want my child to go to school there...sounds like a great place to be.

Anonymous said...

8:50 here.
Yes, I've been teaching for 12 years. And I have been very fortunate. I have only worked for one administrator who was a data deiven drone. He only lasted in that school district for one year. I remember his first day as suprintendent when he called the entire faculty for a speech. His first words were "We will teach TAAS and teach it well."

As I said, he lasted one year. I've since moved to a much larger district, and I must tell you, our principal has a different take on TAKS. Of course, our kids have to do well, but he (and the rest of us) consider TAKS to be the floor. It is the minimum expectation, and we just don't do much in the way of directly addressing it.

Earlier this week one of my classes was working on a short story we had just finished. We were discussing the theme of the story and the subtle ways the author developed the theme. As kids seached for textual evidenve to support their assertion of the theme, one asked "Is this TAKS stuff?"

I replied that it was not, but if he could do what I was asking, TAKS won't be an issue.

It's not that TAKS is horrible-it's the way some people use it that turns into a problem.

SW said...

JH Principal needs to go back to elementary...... but the good old boy system in Paradise will make her the Assistant Supt.... what a joke.... Chapman and Seckman running Paradise.... what a joke....DISCIPLINE the kids.... two JH kids get caught with drugs..... Seckman gives them a plea bargin deal that states.... make a anti drug poster and I your sentence will be cut down....JOKE!!!!!!!