The Death Of Jennifer Gale

"Jennifer was a homeless, transgendered, former marine who ran for every public office imaginable in Austin and Dallas. " She was found dead yesterday in front of a church in Austin. I routinely record a rather obscure show on Channel 8, "The Gordon Keith Show" (from the Ticket), and last year I saw Gordon interview her when she ran for the Dallas mayor's job. Yeah, he had her on there as a "bit" but you couldn't help but like her - quirks and all. But the above video has surfaced which, at least to me, is another Stop Down Moment. It shows her addressing some governmental board in Austin the day before her death. In an odd twist, she begins her remarks by singing "Silent Night." Sleep in heavenly peace, indeed. Edit: I found this somewhere else: "She had the courage to choose to be the person she wanted to be, with full knowledge that society would not handle it well. Sadly, most people do not have that amount of courage to pursue his/her true passion in life for one reason or the other. Before you know it we are all saddled with responsibility of adulthood and the trappings of being normal, and even though sometimes miserable, more comforting somehow because it is familiar and secretly you know everyone else suffers in silence with you."