Crazy News From This Morning

A lady and two kids were found dead today in a pretty nice area of Dallas. But the story is weird because she's the daughter of an ex district judge and had reported two crazy assault/kidnappings at the home from the week before. There's speculation that the attacks were because her father was a judge in a "high profile" case. Story. All the details are vague because these (presumably) murders just happened. I bet it's going to get pretty nutty. And weirder. Edit: Ex-judge identified as Mark Tolle by WBAP. Oddly, he died in 2007 and the most "high profile" case he presided over was that of Darlie Routier according to this obituary. That same obituary listed his only daughter as Jeanmarie Geis. The picture below is a lady by that name who owns a real estate agency in Dallas.