Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Whoever came up with the UCLA Underwear Run (pic above) was a Renaissance Man. Edit: Well this week just got better, there's video.
  • I'm sleepy.
  • I now feel pretty good that I missed the registration deadline for the White Rock Half Marathon. With that wind and that heat, it would have been a beating.
  • Horrible that a 29 year old female and a newlywed died during the race. That kinda scares a man.
  • The office Christmas party (not mine) always has the potential to be a wheels off event.
  • The one I went to had 20 casino tables set up and everyone of them was full. Any question legalized gambling would work in Texas?
  • Oddest sight: Guy dancing with a baby for almost an hour on the dance floor. Funniest overheard line about it: "I think that baby's drunk."
  • Funnier sight: 1980s bouncy bounce dancing guy.
  • The company president addressing the troops is awkward.
  • Man, President Bush did a heck of a job ducking that thrown shoe.
  • "Police were called out to Fair Park in Dallas Saturday after someone fired a gun into the crowd at Kwanzaa Fest." On KLIF this morning, Jeff Bolton said, "You wouldn't see that happen in Plano, so why does it happen in Fair Park?" The man is pushing it.
  • T.O. was booed during introductions last night. It took a couple of years, but we're finally beginning to turn on him.
  • What would be the most perfect job that didn't involve being a professional athlete?
  • That step off of the roof onto a ladder is a very tense one.
  • I missed the Heisman Trophy on Saturday night and I had no idea that former winner Billy Simms acted like a crazy man yelling "Boomer" about 10 times after the award winner was announced.
  • Liberty Hill (who beat Bridgeport last week) lost to Celina in the next round, 40-12.