Fox 4 had a story tonight on the high cost of Hannah Montana tickets (which I wrote about weeks ago.) With advice on how to find tickets from a scalper, an "expert" was interviewed who said, "If you will wait until the last minute, scalping prices will drop."

I hear that crap all the time. And I can't tell you how untrue it is.

Back in the "old days", a buddy and I/me (?) went out to Texas Stadium on a Monday Night to buy tickets from a scalper for a Cowboys/Giants game. We saw a few sellers but only one guy was willing to stick around with an asking price of $80 a ticket (a fortune back then - circa 1988. We weren't gonna pay it.) So we had this theory: Wait until the game starts and he will unload them. So...the first quarter starts. He won't budge. The first quarter ends. He won't budge. The second quarter starts. He tries one more time to sell them for $80 and there are no takers. He then walks off to his car, eating the tickets.

I saw the same thing happen at Reunion Arena for an old Southwest Conference Basketball tournament.

I don't understand it, but the prices don't drop.