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One Year From The Presidential Elections

With Hillary and Rudy leading in the polls for their respective party nominations, ABC World News Tonight (which I always TIVO) took a look at what polls looked like one year before the last two elections.

One year before the 2000 Election, it was dead on (but, sheesh, how in love was everyone with W):

But one year before the 2004 election, it wasn't so clear (obviously, their was no dispute about the Republican nomination - although their should have been.)


wordkyle said...

This electin season, Hillary Clinton is clearly the frontrunner. She'll win the Democrat nomination if she puts her best hoof forward.

(However, she should be careful crossing streets; she might get run over by a drivers-licensed illegal.)

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton has my vote! She is going to win the nomination regardless how ugly John Edwards and his liberal friends get! Hillary is smart and has the experience to be the leader our country needs.

Anonymous said...

9:27 I was just curious, what news and information have you been watching/reading over the last 15 years? I have no doubt about her intelligence. In fact, she's so smart she can blow smoke up the american publics butt as well as the media's for those 15 years and still be in the position she is today. Ask the folks in New York State how they feel about her since she was elected their Senator. It's a proven fact she has done more for herself to get in the White House than she has for the citizens of New York. No, I am not saying watch FOX news. What I am saying is, look at well, documented, facts over the last 15 years or more to include her time in Arkansas and see what you come up with. I find it quite ironic that her memoirs from her White House years will not be released until after the election, that was Bill's request of course. I can truly say I have no idea who I will vote for but I can assure you it won't be Hillarious, scratch that, I meant to say Hillary. Say what you wish about President Bush but I will take his sometimes "Stupidity" over her all the time "Sorry-Ass" any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

10:20, I'm with you on that!

Anonymous said...

9:27 Heellloooooooo? What experience?

Anonymous said...

You made some good points (keep practicing those pronouns though) about the 2004 Democratic nomination. There was no choices according to the pictures and data. That is why they did not have a nominee in the form of a Kerry. Obviously, the Democrats will not have one for next November as well. Hillary is an undecided, shallow, mortification for any party.

Think Frustrated said...

"there" should have been.

Isn't Leiberman a Republican now?

Looking at those guys, I don't think any of them could've won.