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News On Newspapers

Last year's daily circulation
: 404,652
This year's daily circulation: 373,586
Down 7.68%

And everyone else isn't doing much better. I wonder if there will come a day when newspapers as we know them simply won't exist?


Crud Bonemeal said...

I personally don't like Belo owned media because they tend to put a left wing slant on what they write. They are very much against the death penalty, and their reporting on the war is only the stuff that makes the U.S. look bad. If other readers are like me, I imagine they are getting tired of reading bad things about the greatest country in the world that has ever existed. I wish the people who try to tear this country apart would stop and think how fortunate they are to not have been born into and trapped in some third world hell hole with no hope of escape or improvement.

Anonymous said...

I believe true patriotism requires that from time to time, we question the direction that our leaders are taking us. I believe that was the moral imperative that our founding fathers left us with.

rpm said...

Crud, Belo is just about as close as you will get to a religion owned company. I worked there, I know. They are anything but "the liberal media".

Barry, they are afraid to say the real reason for the loss of readership... LLLDQ!

Anonymous said...

There will always be bird cages that need lining.