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I Call It "Dawg Under Wise County Trees"

Not the most exciting reader submitted pic, but not bad for a Tuesday. I was jogging outside when the cold front hit last night and it was great. Love this time of year. (Except it'll get back up to 80 this weekend.)

I remember as a kid going to high school football games late in the year and it was always freezing.


Anonymous said...

Barry I too remember going to football games and freezing to death this time of year. I am glad that there is no global warming, because if there was global warming (which of course there isn't) things would really be hot right now instead of "not freezing".

AnObiter said...

One of the best photos you've ever posted.

Anonymous said...

Be careful Barry, anobiter might, just might be including the love of your life when she refers to "ever"

and by that I mean....Christina!

Anonymous said...

What no Deer feeder hanging from the tree.

Anonymous said...

That my friends is a Russian bear dog!.......... I can spot one a mile away, rush'n 'round the house to bare down on a bisquit!