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Oh, So This Is What You Use Flickr For

Don't worry. She didn't jump. Link.

Edit: For a larger picture, be sure to click on the "All Sizes" button at the top of each photo.

Edit: Those pics were actually taken yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated 2nd blog birthday, Barry

Anonymous said...

"On 9/1/07 I photographed this young lady thinking about taking her own life by jumping from this 23 story building."

Thats a month away, isn't it?

bgirl said...

Anyone seen Best of Show?

"You know you have a bad day and someone returns a sweater...I have a bad day, lives get lost. People lose their lives. I'm chief hostage negotiator for the Akron and tri-county area and I try to talk people down when they wanna jump from a big building, they call me...Well they always jump. I got news for ya its a little secret from the trade. They all jump."

Anonymous said...

Now let's not jump to conclusions cuz there's no way we can know what might have gone through her head...well except maybe her feet.