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Well, It Is August

I was looking around for some preseason high school football rankings (which are meaningless but fun), but only had limited success. I'm sure Dave Campbell's rankings are out, but didn't see them on its website. It's too early for the AP rankings. Some outfit called lists Decatur at #25. Edit: Found out Dave Campbell predicts this order of finish in a local district race:

10-2A 1. Cisco 2. Boyd 3. Paradise


Anonymous said...

There was a show on this topic on TV last night....I caught from 3A down...Celina is #1...Graham was in the top 10 and Royce City. Most of the names were the usual suspects.

No Wise County teams were in the 3A top 10.

Windthorst was #1 in their division.

The Devil said...

I have never been so ready for football season to begin. I have even broke out my high school highlight films from the early nineties and began to watch them.

Anonymous said...

I believe Dave Campbell picked Decatur, Bridgeport, Argyle in 8-3A. However, he also mentioned that this could be a down year for the eagles.

Anonymous said...

"My high school highlight films from the early nineties."


I KNEW you weren't the real devil.

Anonymous said...

Well this looks like a good place to do #2