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Just For The Sports Fans

There's nothing special about this clip (Just Ex-Evil Empire great Vince Young slapping a teammate.) The real news is that ESPN is now creating embeddable video clips. I think the Internet changed dramatically when youtube introduced these flash videos to the masses. Now everyone is doing it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, but if you are a UT fan, there IS something special about this whole story - it reminds you once again why it was so fun to be a VY fan & what makes him so special.
This is training camp, practice in other words, & Vince goes after his safety (an Ohio State ex) for tackling his receiver with a chokehold move. Vince shoves him & hits his helment with his right (throwing) hand. Then fellow Longhorn alum & Tennessee Titan Bo Scaife jumps in to help Vince out. It just shows Vince is competive 100% of the time - game time or practice time & he is going to be there for his receivers, & his teammates are there for him.

It ends well. Vince apologizes to the safety & the safety says,
"I respect (Vince) for it. I didn't want that to happen. I think it's over. We put it to bed," Nickey said.

However, he did have some advice for Young in the future if he does decide to start swinging again.

"At least not with your right hand, man. Jab with the left and wait for the cavalry," Nickey said.

Good story, good story. Thanks for posting the video.

Barry, you should just give in & be a Longhorn fan. It's so fun - plus UT-Austin is the only truly liberal place in the state.
I know my suggestion is all in vain, I doubt you'll convert since you call us the "Evil Empire".......Actually, that's fun too.

I can't wait for football season!

Hook 'em Horns!
For those UT fans out there - here is another good story that is fun to read:

Anonymous said...

1:21 you are a dumb ass ! the whole deal is young didn't want any contact on his pussy recievers. the def. back is the one who is competitive.
what an idiot you are.
fun to be a vy fan? stupid stupid stupid.
and i am a UT fan.

Anonymous said...

You don't act like a headhunter in practice without full pads.

Taking down a WR by his helmet and neck this early in the season, with an already depleted WR corps, is not wise.

When a guy has already sent one of those WRs to the sidelines and then does it AGAIN, someone has to step up and tell them to knock it off.

Anonymous said...

2:38 - The whole deal is that VY didn't want any cheapshot tackling (chokehold) during practice that could injure his receiver. THe receiver was slow to get up & was holding his head. The safety (Nickey) later admitted he should not have tackled him that way.

I like that VY is protective of his receivers during practice. I like that the clash brings up memories of the UT-Ohio State rivalry - one of the best games during that sweet 2005 season. I like the loyalty & comraderie that obviously still exists between VY & Bo Scaife. How could a fellow UT fan begrudge me that?.... unless you really aren't one.

My source was the Austin American Statesman; I didn't make it up. I only responded with pride when I read it. I'm not quite sure how saying "fun to be a VY fan" makes me "stupid, stupid, stupid."

If you are truly a fellow UT fan, you should give me the benefit of the doubt, as I am trying to give you now.

Anonymous said...

2:38 - Can you read? It appears you did not comprehend 1:21's post.
Are YOU stupid or just drunk in the middle of the day?

Anonymous said...

Any of you experts ever actually tackled someone? Playing DB, that stuff happens so fast and the DB can not control last nanosecond moves or ducks or jukes that a ball carrier might use that results in a tackle looking bad or intentionally severe. If you're trying to tackle an elite athlete and all you are thinking about is "don't do this and don't do that" then you won't last long as a DB.

Anonymous said...

I played football in HS and I knew when we were in less than full pads not to go after someone like that.

I also knew not to go after my own teammates with a clothesline hit like that.

Look: The Titans lost the good receivers they did have. They can't afford to have a special teams player like this sending their WRs to the bench with injuries. This was the second straight play someone got hurt on.

Pro athletes can control their bodies better than that.

Sometimes a guy can just get a little fired up and it looks like Nickey did. He just had to be told to take it easy.

Anonymous said...

Is it just my imagination or is that young African-American gentleman basically an illiterate retard? Are there people out there to whom this man is seemingly important enough to care whether he dies or falls off the edge of a flat earth? ( I'm starting to wonder if it's not after all.)

Anonymous said...

6:43 -To answer your first question - It must be your repulsive, degenerate, vile, creepy, nasty imagination.

To answer your 2nd question - there must be a HUGE amount of people who care about VY - in our supply & demand world, he's 24 years old & making tens of millions of dollars.
How do you compare with VY in that supply & demand world?
(That's OK, you don't have to answer that.)

Anonymous said...

Very nice response 7:44. How much more is cocaine worth than, say, aplle juice?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, but spellcheck is just a click away.