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Good Grief

Norm Hitzges from The Ticket always refers to "Crime free Flower Mound." Uh, not so much.

Edit: Amazingly, this triple murder/suicide didn't make the lead on Fox 4 News tonight. Instead it appeared at 9:14 (behind stories of a minor flooding, a crazy guy with dead cats in his house, a convenience store murder of one person, the attempted buyout of the DowJones company, gas stations "short changing" us on gas, the tattoo woman robber, the surgery of traffic reporter Julie DeHarty, and a murder for hire arrest.) Good grief, who is producing the news over there?


Anonymous said...

Norm has always been a moron ever since the days he was on KLIF.

He may not think there is any violent crime there (which this does prove there is) but there is plenty of white collar crime going on.

AnObiter said...

Geez...I think I've been in that house.

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of technical difficulties, Barry?