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The Concept Of Real Breaking News

Random thought time.

All the local TV stations/network affiliates will throw down the "Breaking News" banner at the drop of the hat. Normally, without just cause. But the old school national networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) are the exception. If during the day or prime time, you see programming interrupted for "Breaking News" because the national network has made the decision to do so, you can bet it will be big.

I think I'm an oddity, but once I see those words show up on my television, my heart starts racing. It happened last night when ABC broke in on some stupid sitcom to announce the bridge collapse in Minnesota. (And that, by network standards, is questionable story to stop down a network for. Yeah, it's big, but I'm a little surprised they did it.)

But once I saw the "Breaking News" banner I was standing in front of the TV waiting for the anchor to appear and say, "Good evening, there is breaking news tonight from . . . . " It can be anything. And in this day and time, I mean anything.

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