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X-Games Carmage Carnage

This is from ESPN's X-Games that were shown last night. This kid would have had an easier time jumping off the courthouse belltower. And be sure to stick around to the end for the replays. Gold. Edit: Sir, I will not post the comment regarding this guy being "pounded" like someone else last week. Funny. But inappropriate.


Anonymous said...

I watched this show with my son last night...check out how this kids shoes explode off of his feet.

There was Best Trick section for the dirt bikers. One guy tried a double back slip...he made it about 1 3/4 of the way around...then BOOM!!! He walked away, eventually...but his bike was too trashed.

Anonymous said...

Carnage or Carmage ??? Just wondering...

Think Frustrated said...

A few of the funny comments from the announcers:

Just after he hits the ground, and everyone's silent, one guy says, "I can't believe he landed the 720." I couldn't stop laughing at that guy's idiocy.

"Jake Brown is a warrior." No, he's just lucky. He couldn've easily been paralyzed or killed by that fall.