Major Wreck

Still looking for details, but it looks like we have three dead and two injured from a wreck on 2123 (at CR 3673) this morning.

If anyone knows anything. post away.

Edit: Fox 4 is the first one to cover the story. It seems five teenagers (?) were in one car that went off the road and struck two trees. Three in the front seat died. Two girls in the back seat were careflighted. No names yet.

Edit: Have an unconfirmed report of the dead being two males and one female.

Edit: Some names have appeared in the comments. But nothing has been confirmed.

Edit: A commenter noted that the Star Telegram now has the story up. "The dead were identified as Ryan Lowe, 17, of Boyd, the driver; Michael Fresch, 16, of North Richland Hills; and Morgan Moss, 14, of Boyd."

Edit: The Messenger has a paragraph about it in the Update.