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The "new Texas Accountability Ratings" for public schools were released today. You can find your school's performance here.


Anonymous said...

i think they should change the name of the rating, i dont see anyone getting fired or called to the carpet for a failing school. they just beef up the prep for the test next yr. and increase theyre budget. and hire more people. before long the teachers and admin will outnumber the student and everyone will still bitch about smaller class sizes and teacher pay.

Anonymous said...

Decatur .... STILL academically acceptable! You know, I recall that DHS rated EXCELLENCE for several years, then... the teachers (who must have been the backbone for those scores) began leaving in the masses..most due to the principal there. Yet no one seems to hold that principal or the district's superintendent accountable. Attrition in the school system definitely has led to LOW acceptance scores. It is shameful and too bad these "leaders" are still allowed to lead our young minds in this downward spiral! If changes are not made in those "leadership" areas, the ratings will stay low.

Anonymous said...

Quite a fall for the "Blue Ribbon School" and Principal of the Year

Anonymous said...

9:16 FYI, To my knowledge as a former board member, DHS never received an excellent rating until the current principal arrived. Many of the teachers that have left DHS needed to leave. It may be that Melinda's time at DHS is coming to an end, but she did exactly what she was hired to do, plus some.

Anonymous said...

If she was hired to run off excellent teachers and you were on the board when that happened, then all I can say is DISD will be better off now that you are an EX board member! geeeeeze!

Anonymous said...

Well, here it is again - that popular ole DHS in the news again. And, isn't it embarrassing that the 'smaller' Wise County schools seem to outdo DHS in areas of academic recognition? What excuses will they come up with next.

And, yes, Melinda just did a job she was hired to do - improve DHS. And, yes, she did that, at least for a small few students, and an even smaller few teachers. But, if part of her job was to run off so many of the good ones, then yes, she's succeeded once again.

But our kids deserve better, much better. And those poor teachers sure do, too. It looks like they'll have around 15 new ones at DHS again this year, and that doesn't count the several they lost to attrition (downsizing), and even more who got out at semester or close to that.

When will someone stand up for our children? It's time for a change. And I don't mean more teachers leaving that campus. They need an outsider to come in with no ties to the community, family, etc. A clean slate!

You say many of the teachers that left needed to leave? Well, for example, what happened to the English department? Did you know that the odds of your child having a new teacher over a returning teacher is huge.

And, even in math, they lost a great one to a neighboring 'smaller' district - what a loss!

And, science - they've lost some in that area, too.

15 to 22 (last year) new teachers on a campus of roughly 90 is a huge loss, and it's time someone start asking why, how we can fix that, who is to blame, what can we do to make it better?

If they all needed to go, then why are the scores low (they didn't used to be so low)? Teacher turnover rate directly results in lower scores. It's common sense; it takes a new one a while to learn the ropes, get acclimated, etc. all the while the student loses out. And, in the crucial core departments, no continuity within those departments (like English this coming year) results in a loss in productivity.

But, they just keep hiring the first person to walk through the doors as quickly as they can, so the job postings won't linger too long.

Please help.......

Anonymous said...

Dear 9:16.

Thank God you're no longer on the board. My guess is that your kids graduated and you no longer need to protect them or ensure their success.

You are responsible! The principal couldn't not have operated without your blessings. 21 of 63 teachers fled. Some of the best. Look at the scores. And yes, one or two did need to go, but who hired them? The principal didn't bring excellence to DHS. She brought chaos....... Those who fled brought excellence to DHS and now the neighboring school districts! We are left with the principal and low scores.

You 9:16 had to have known of the chaos (thru constant feedback from parents and teachers) and did nothing. Nothing

But guessing again, I'll bet your kids graduated in the top 10!

Anonymous said...

8:12 Guess again. FYI, I still have a child in high school. Melinda Reeves was hired to gain control of a DHS campus which was in complete choas with virtually no leadership and teachers that were completely out of control. God bless her for doing her job and then some!

I will completely stand by my statement that many teachers that have left DHS needed to leave. Admittedly, some good ones have been lost, but IMO if I had been in Melinda's position I would have cleaned house far sooner!

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr/Ms school board member, I'm sure you may not even read this because this topic is now off the "top" page of the blog, but IF you do.... I will say, I hope you're proud of yourself and what you have had a hand in with DHS! You are HAPPY now that the school has been "cleaned" of its EXPERIENCED teachers that brought GREAT scores on TAKS? YOU and the others on the board hired this principal to "clean house" when scores were great? WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!! You now have acceptable scores.... poor morale among INEXPERIENCED teachers who are trying to follow the lead of a principal and admin who are fools! Go pat yourself on the back!! YOU have certainly made a difference by serving on the board..... we now have a sorry school, sorry scores...and many many unhappy teachers. Those who LEFT DHS on their own accord are better off! THANKS for making a school of excellence into a pile of crap! OUR KIDS DESERVED those experienced teachers who were proven and loyal! There are still a few good ones there... wonder how long it will be before they are fed up with "YOUR" agenda! Was this a money issue? Get rid of the older experienced teachers so you could "save" the salary money and give the the admin? Sure seems that way. Hope you weren't too long on the board... The damage you and yours caused is now irrepairable! Respond to this post and explain yourself.... or try to.