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Channel 4 Helicopter Crash

Nobody was hurt this morning, but the Channel 4 Traffic Helicopter went down in south Dallas. The "engine simply quit". There's video of it and it looks like it hit hard. "We ended up skidding and rolling on our side," said traffic reporter Chip Waggoner.

The pilot, who apparantly did a good job, was not the regular one for the helicopter. He filled in for his normal job as the pilot of the Fort Worth Police Department helicopter.

There were minor injuries to a lady in the helicopter ( I didn't catch her name) who does traffic for KRLD and KVIL.


Anonymous said...

Was it Gail Lightfoot? More important than those two borefest stations, she does traffic for Russ Martin.

Anonymous said...

Link please!

Anonymous said...

Must be the full moon causing all these helicopter crashes.Double in Pheonix and another somewhere else this weekend.

Anonymous said...

The lady was Julie DeeHardy (sp???)