Random Mexico Trip Thoughts

- The new Terminal D at DFW is the greatest terminal ever. Great restaurants, fancy shops, and flat screen TVs in the area where you wait for your flight.
- When you do automated check-in, it will also ask you to scan your passport.
- And despite all the horror stories about getting a passport, I got mine in three weeks with "expedited service."
- It's only a 2:10 flight to Cabo San Lucas
- You have to exit to the tarmac once you arrive and they had about 20 security forces lined up to watch you. I started sweating like that guy carrying dope in Midnight Express (and, no sir, I was not carrying anything illegal.
- All-inclusive resorts are the only way to go.
- The weather the first three days (until a brief storm blew through) was the greatest I have ever seen. No humidity is the key.
- Playing volleyball with a cross-section of all ages and both sexes is fun. Playing volleyball with a bunch of 20-somethings made me realize I had no business playing with a bunch of 20 somethings.
- There were the strangest looking fish constantly jumping out of the water. They looked like miniature penguins with wings. (That's a bad picture of one above - I had to enlarge it so much it became grainy). Those things would jump some four feet out of the water. It still don't know what they are. Edit: I think those little suckers were "bat rays."