I Officially Declare Lari Barager As My Nemesis

Fox 4 News did a story tonight on the crazy sounds coming from the courthouse that I wrote about last Friday.

Obviously, inspired by this blog, I was waiting for my big shout out from Lari. And then, as that great moment was to arrive, she said this in the story: "They [county officials] also turned off the speakers after we arrived which is why we are bringing it to you from a post on the Internet." At this point you see a video of this blog, my youtube.com creation from last week, and the audio of the screeching whatevers.

But do I get credit? Do I hear a Barry Green? Do I hear the name "Liberally Lean"? Is there a reference to a "local blog"? No. Nothing. Nada. Big Barry tears rolled down my Barry cheeks as I sat on my couch in amazement.

Lari, I'm hurt. I can only guess that my strange obsession with co-employee Megan Henderson has turned you against me. I don't even know you anymore.